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NEW Toca Boca App: Toca Tailor!

Toca Tailor NEW Toca Boca App: Toca Tailor!

Of all the apps and all the developers we review I think (although I haven’t polled them) our tiny testers love Toca Boca apps best! They excitedly anticipate each release!  They have been wound up for weeks waiting for the new Toca Boca app; Toca Tailor! The fact that they get their hands on it before their friends sends them into a frenzy! Come see why:

iPad: Best Free Apps for College Students & Teachers

...Get Organized - How to get Organized for School

Best Free Apps for Students e1348770706645 iPad: Best Free Apps for College Students & Teachers

The typical college student might be surprised to discover that there’s more to tablets than addicting puzzle games, music apps, and eBook versions of their favorite novels. The tablet is an endlessly useful tool for college students in particular because there are so many apps designed with higher education in mind. The tablet is doing more to reshape the education landscape than any other piece of mobile technology today, and much of that good work is being done through high quality apps.

Let’s take a look at four worthwhile apps perfect for any college student with a tablet. If you’re a student or an educator, you’d do well to check any of these apps out!

SUPER WHY ABC Adventures App Comes to Your iPad

... starring all your Super Why friends!

Super Why ABC SUPER WHY ABC Adventures App Comes to Your iPad

It is absolutely amazing how much kids learn just from watching good quality television shows nowadays.  They are out there, and PBS has a number of them. One my grandkids like is “Super Why” which is always teaching them their alphabet without their knowing it. They will love playing with Whyatt, Alpha Pic, Wonder Red and Princess Presto on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch in their brand new app too!

Dr. Seuss Bookshelf App Review

Dr Seuss Bookshelf e1348083592893 Dr. Seuss Bookshelf App Review

If you are a regular reader of the Apps for iPads site you know that we are big fans of Oceanhouse Media apps and their Dr. Seuss apps in particular. They have developed and we have reviewed a lot of them! You probably have a number of them on your iPad. Maybe you’ve even, like us, made a folder to house them all. Now, with the release of the Dr. Seuss Bookshelf app, you don’t have to go hunting for those elusive Dr. Seuss apps any longer!

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