Me 4 Edited AboutHi, I’m Marge Burkell, otherwise known as MaggieB on the Internet. It’s just a nickname I grabbed hold of when the Internet was new (yes, I am that old and no smart cracks from anyone) and still use when it’s available.  After a lifetime of owning my own businesses where I wore every hat imaginable I “retired” to a life of a wife and grandmother (nana, please, I am NOT the rocking-chair variety by any means!) and an Internet publisher.

Always interested in the techie side of things, and the Internet in particular I decided to close down my traditional offline business  and head to the Internet full time. So I am bundling up a lifetime of computer and Internet knowledge with all the new technology we continue to learn every day, to bring you this website.

So what does that mean for you?

Because after all, while this page is titled “About MaggieB” Apps for iPads is focused for its readers; YOU!  It means I spend my days scouring the Internet, sending and answering emails from developers, webmasters and app PR people so that we can bring you the best iPad apps available.  So that we can weed out those that aren’t worth your time or money, and publish reviews, often accompanied by exclusive videos made in-house, of apps for iPads we feel you will want to own and use on YOUR iPad.

I am “head honcho” around here so that means I can do what I want.  You aren’t going to find, very often, reviews of bad apps, I simply don’t have time to waste on them, so if they aren’t on our site with a good review, either we haven’t had the opportunity to test them out yet, or we did and didn’t think they were worth your time.

Bundled with Apps for iPads you will also find our Facebook Page, Twitter account, Google+ and Scoop.it eZine. This package brings you all the latest iPad news, reviews and sales that we feel you’ll want to know about. We diversified because not every reader likes every venue and I want your stay with us to be fun and useful. As we continue to grow we search for more fun and interesting ways to make using Apps for iPads fun! If you are an RSS  fan be sure to subscribe to ours.

So, that’s me (and Apps for iPads)  in a nutshell.  I hope that you stick around “after the break” and let us help you make your iPad experience richer and easier.

You can find me on the social pages I mentioned above, or you can “circle me” on my Google+ Profile.

That’s it for now!  See you often and see you soon!

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