We’re glad that you are considering joining our Apps for iPads family. Let me give you a few details about our advertising policies and if you have additional questions we invite you to please contact us via email.

Your ad will appear on the side bar of all pages within our site for the length of time you have contracted for. All ads must be pre-approved for publication. We only accept non-Flash, Apple iDevice compatible, family-friendly ads for products appropriate to the site. All ads must be submitted in the size appropriate for the location you desire. We will host the graphic while linking them to your site’s landing page.

We do not accept ads for apps pending review. Once an app has been approved for review on our site it can be included in our ads. Buying ad space on our site does not insure a good or quick review. We recommend waiting until after your app has been reviewed to place an ad for your app. All advertising is separate from our review process and has NO influence on the content of our reviews.

The Monthly Featured (300 x 250) Ad sits at the top the sidebar (directly below our social icons) and remains stationary throughout the month. We only accept one featured ad per month. The Monthly Featured Ad is $75.00 for 30 days.

In addition to the featured ad we offer additional 300 x 250 ads below the fold available as either static or ads that rotate every time the page is visited or refreshed. Static ads remain intact with every click, and we never accept more than four rotating ads over two ad locations at any one time. Static ads in this location bill at $40.00 and rotating ads invoice at $25.00 per month.

Quarter-size 125 x 125 rotating ads are billed at $10 per month and we only accept six per month for our four available slots to give you maximum rotational advantage.

Multiple month contracts are negotiable.

All advertising must be prepaid via PayPal once it has been approved for publication.

We look forward to getting to know you,

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Marge Burkell
Owner and Editor
Apps for iPads

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