Microsoft Postpones Office iPad App Release

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With all the rumors flying around about Microsoft releasing (or not) an iPad app of their very popular Office Suite we try to hold out for rumors that come from compelling sources. It doesn’t get more compelling than the New York Times.

The Tab Times published an article yesterday saying the New York Times is reporting that Microsoft is holding back the release of their Office app for a number of reasons. Not the least important is that they do not want its release to be detrimental to their Windows tablets.

But given the fact that Google just bought the Quickoffice app they are losing traction for making an impact in the App Store. QuickOffice allows the user to make or edit any document, whether it be a Word generated article, a Power Point presentation or Excel Spreadsheet.


Report: Microsoft is holding back Office for iPad

“by Doug Drinkwater June 6 2012, 1:15 pm Comment The rumors over an Office app for Apple’s iPad continue to do the rounds, with a new report claiming that Microsoft has already built the application, but is now figuring out when to release it.”

Apparently pricing has not yet been determined for the Microsoft Office app either. Quickoffice currently sells for $19.99, while each of the Apple apps that are similar in nature is marketed at $9.99 for each of the three modules.

d41b42366f82ac2cf0ac05a77c66c92c Microsoft Postpones Office iPad App Release

p.s. Are you waiting for the release of the authentic Microsoft app or have/will you purchase one of the other “generic” alternatives already available?


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 Microsoft Postpones Office iPad App Release


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