Will Microsoft Finally Release Office as an App for iPads?

Microsoft Office 2007 text logo Will Microsoft Finally  Release Office as an App for iPads?

Rumors have been flying for almost a year now. Will Microsoft release an iOS version of their ever popular Office suite of software as an app for the iPad? As rumors are traded back and forth we find that as summer approaches they seem to be heating up once again. Will PC owners that are comfortable with the Microsoft-based software be able to finally use it on their tablets?

Microsoft Office for iPad Coming in November

The iPad Guide

“Microsoft denied last year’s rumors, despite leaked photos of the iPad app in action. The latest information indicates that Microsoft plans to launch the mobile office suite in November. This comes just one month after Apple is widely expected to …”


There has even been what is purported to be the actual app leaked to the press:

So will Microsoft give in and give what all PC owners crave? Until they release their own press release it is only speculation and your guess is as good as ours. We’ll run a review as soon as we can (if ever) get our hands on a copy of that much touted app for iPads!

So what do YOU think? Will there ever be a full suite of Microsoft Office apps for your iPad? Are you holding out for it?

Today we will show you an exclusive video about Microsoft Office running on the iPad. Watch the video to learn more about Microsoft Office with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on the iPad.

Image by The Daily, used for news and reporting purposes.

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 Will Microsoft Finally  Release Office as an App for iPads?


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