Apps for iPads TIPS & TRICKS! Turn your iPad Into a CELL PHONE!

Tips and Tricks Apps for iPads TIPS & TRICKS! Turn your iPad Into a CELL PHONE!

Welcome to this week’s edition of Apps for iPads Tips and Tricks! Today we look at how to transform your iPad into a CELL PHONE!

YES!  That is exactly what I said, a CELLULAR phone!

Whistle App for iPads Apps for iPads TIPS & TRICKS! Turn your iPad Into a CELL PHONE!

All you need to do is go to the Whistle Phone website and sign up for an account! It’s FREE!  It will give you the option of telling it what area code you prefer… and then it will ask you to select between 3 three number prefixes… from there it will auto-generate the remaining 4 numbers for your Whistle phone number.

Now grab your iPad and head to the App Store and download the FREE Whistle Phone iPad app!

When you start up the iPad application it will ask you if you want to tie it to an existing Whistle account… simply click on that and login using the phone number you previously selected along with the password you saved to access your Whistle account.

Stay tuned “after the break” for our Apps for iPads VIDEO REVIEW and learn exactly HOW to make your Whistle phone calls with your iPad!

Now all you need to do is dial whatever phone number you prefer on your iPad through your Whistle iPad app!  Unlike Skype you do NOT need to call Whistle to Whistle (like you do with Skype to Skype)!  Whistle allows you to call ANY number anywhere in the world!

If you are calling a continental United States phone number (private or business) from ANYWHERE in the world it is ABSOLUTELY FREE!  No hidden charges, yes, FREE!  Going out of the country to a foreign country? No problem! As long as you are calling the continental United States (sorry Alaska & Hawaii) it is FREE!  All you need is either Wi-Fi or 3G Internet connectivity! You can even have a THREE-WAY conference call on your iPad with Whistle!

Whistle Mobile Apps for iPads Apps for iPads TIPS & TRICKS! Turn your iPad Into a CELL PHONE!If you move out of range of the cell tower that you were under when you originated a 3G call you will find that your call degrades as Whistle is not equipped to jump from cell tower to cell tower… BUT if you do not leave that area, even in a moving car, you will find you have crystal clear phone conversations!  If you want to make long distance phone calls that are not to the United States Whistle offers competitive per-minute rates, just like any other phone company.

So what are you waiting for?  What a GREAT way to cut down on cell minutes!  Join and download Whistle Phone TODAY!  Just click on the Whistle icon and we will get your iPad app on its way to your iPad screen NOW!  Enjoy using Whistle and let us know how you are using your newfound  ”cell phone!”

Whistle App for iPads Apps for iPads TIPS & TRICKS! Turn your iPad Into a CELL PHONE!


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Apps for iPads – – shows YOU how to make your iPad a cell phone & make calls for FREE! What’s YOUR take on Whistle Phone???

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 Apps for iPads TIPS & TRICKS! Turn your iPad Into a CELL PHONE!


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