Strategically Clean Up Your iPad

...or How-To Free Up iPad Space for MORE iPad Apps!

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Been adding app after app onto your iPad and now need to clean it up and free up some space? Yes, you can tap and hold on individual apps but here is an easier and more efficient way to delete those space-hogging apps you aren’t using right now!

First of all remember that when you delete an app you still own it, so anytime you want to put it back onto your iPad (as long as it’s still in the App Store) all you have to do is reinstall it, no charge! When you do that the price button will read “INSTALL” to let you know that you already own it and you won’t be charged again. Just remember too that if that app had any info stored within it that will also be deleted and cannot be restored.

So how do you quickly ascertain how much of your iPad is already being used and which apps hog the most hard drive space?

iPad Storage 300x225 Strategically Clean Up Your iPadSimply follow the steps below:

  • Open up your iPad Setting App
  • Go to General > Usage
  • Allow your iPad to collect and display all the apps on your device. (you will see the spinning wheel while it’s processing the information)
  • All your apps will be displayed in the order of largest (takes up the most space) to smallest
  • Simply tap on any app to delete it permanently (but remember you can always get the app – but NOT the stored info within it! – reinstalled through the App Store at a later date as discussed above)
  • The app will be immediately deleted and you will see the space freed up at the top of the list

That’s all there is to it! Some apps take up very little space but some, like music apps can take up a LOT! I had one on mine that took up a full gigabyte! While I love it I  reinstall it as needed.

How about you? Do you have apps on your iPad that are preventing you from adding more? Free up that space today so you’ll have the room you need tomorrow.

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p.s. if you have a tip or trick you’d like to share with us we’d love to hear from you in our comments!

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 Strategically Clean Up Your iPad


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