How To Update Your iPad Software

SettingsApp How To Update Your iPad Software

I’ve had two readers in the past 12 hours ask about how to update their operating system software for their iPad, and if they even need to do that, so I thought I would fire off a quick article that shows you just how easy that is to do now.

No need to hook your iPad up to your PC anymore! It’s all done right on your iPad! 

First of all let’s address the question of whether you need to update your iOS, or operating system software. YES! You are going to want to do that so your iPad is able to operate at its best potential. Apple is continually tweaking things so that your iPad experience is the best they can make it be. If you don’t download their newest iOS updates you are missing out on those. Also, you may notice that some apps won’t update if you aren’t running the current version of the software so you miss out on all those new toys, innovations and bug fixes.

I am sure that you have gotten used to seeing the number in the bright red circle on your App Store app that indicates how many updates you have waiting for you when you open it up. The Settings App has the same indicator which you can see in the pictures at the top of the article.

This video shows iOS 5.1 being installed without a computer onto an iPhone. The process is identical on an iPad. You simply tap on your Settings App, go to General in the left-hand list, then tap on Software Update located in the second position in the resulting screen. It will automatically look for an update whether it indicated you needed one or not and if one is available you can install it immediately from your iOS device after agreeing (normal procedure) to Apple’s terms of service.

That’s really all there is to it now! No more hooking up to your PC with a USB cable, no iTunes, nothing! So if you have a little red circle on your Settings App update your software now so you can access all the newest bells and whistles! Enjoy!

Complete tutorial showing how to update your iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch’s iOS software without the use of a computer or iTunes. This is also called OTA or Over the air update. This can be done on any device running iOS 5.0 or over. You will need to be connected to Wi-Fi and have at least 50% battery or you will have to connect your device to a power source.

THIS CAN NOT BE DONE ON A JAILBROKEN DEVICE! Don’t even try, it won’t work icon smile How To Update Your iPad Software

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 How To Update Your iPad Software


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