How To Easily Install a Screen Protector

...using the hinge method!

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One of the very first things I do when purchasing a new device is bring it home and install a screen protector. Not so much to keep it from getting scratched, but there is that too, but to protect the capacitive qualities of the screen. All the dirt, oils and debris that we come into contact with in our normal everyday lives can all build up to make the screen less responsive, not to mention what our “tiny testers” might leave on them… can you say “peanut butter and jelly?”  Well here is a simple and effective way to easily install a screen protector. The video below shows it being installed on a cell phone but it works just as simply on an iPad.

As you can see in the video you line up your screen protector on the screen before ever removing the protective cover it comes with, then apply masking tape to one side of your device so the protector stays in place. Now all you need to do is lift the screen protector up like a hinge, pull off the back, and slowly place it back down while smoothing out any air bubbles with the tool it came with or a credit card from your pocket. A simple, easy way to install a screen protector without air bubble, and without tearing your hair out.

Hope this helps!

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p.s. have you ever scrapped the first one in the package because you screwed it up? Yep, been there, done that!

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 How To Easily Install a Screen Protector


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