Alpha Tots App for iPads Induces Giggles!

... while teaching your child the alphabet!

Alpha Tots Alpha Tots App for iPads Induces Giggles!

AlphaTots™, developed by Spinlight Studio, is a fun, interactive iPad app your child is sure to love!  This app for iPads induces giggles as it teaches your child their alphabet!  Children quickly pick up on which fun activity is associated with each letter and navigate to those they enjoy best! That means they are learning to associate and learning at the same time!  Your child is sure to have favorites, but every letter is FUN!  After all, who can resist ~ZAPPING~ spaceships?

“A” is for action in this exciting new alphabet game! Designed to take full advantage of the iPad’s interactive capabilities, AlphaTots™ uses action-based verbs that encourage young minds to “do” as they learn. Whether they’re building robots, digging for treasure or zapping alien ships from the sky, they’ll discover all 26 letters of the alphabet through fun-filled games that invite them to look, laugh and learn.

Stay with us “after the break” for a look at the AlphaTots™ app for iPads in action!

ZAP Alpha Tots App for iPads Induces Giggles!

It doesn’t take long for AlphaTots™ to win over the hearts of toddlers through preschoolers! You will discover them humming the catchy tune and returning for more giggle-inducing fun, time and time again!

Spinlight is very concerned that their iPad apps meet the standards of educators and parents and welcomes the feedback of all. That is the mark of a great developer. Their latest update addressed the concerns that educators had about some of the letter sounds; it’s great to know that they are open, receptive, and work hard at making their apps the best they can be for your children.

LOTS Alpha Tots App for iPads Induces Giggles!AlphaTots™ Fun Features:

  • 26 different letters with an interactive activity for each.
  • Sing-a-long alphabet song.
  • Fun surprises around every turn that keep them coming back for more.
  • Audio and visual cues that help children associate letters with sounds and words
  • Positive verbal reinforcement for completed tasks. Over 100 lines of dialogue!
  • Kid-friendly navigation that makes it easy to return to their favorite letters.
  • From the award-winning designers of TallyTots and Swapsies.

So what are you waiting for?  AlphaTots™ provides your child a fun, interactive way to learn the basics of reading! You will never regret buying this for your child, as they use it over and over again! Get the AlphaTots™ iPad app for your preschooler today!

AlphaTots™ Alpha Tots App for iPads Induces Giggles!


PinExt Alpha Tots App for iPads Induces Giggles!
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 Alpha Tots App for iPads Induces Giggles!


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  1. It's rare to find an iPad app that delivers LOADS of giggles, LOTS of fun AND teaches too! You get all that and…

  2. Spinlight says:

    RT @TopsyRT: Alpha Tots App for iPads Induces Giggles!

  3. .@Spinlight Studios just dropped the price of their apps to $0.99 for the holiday weekend! Alpha Tots is a HIT…

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