Middle School Math Just Got FUN!

...with an app for iPads!

MSM Middle School Math Just Got FUN!

Middle school math is not usually referred to as fun. But with the new iPad app, Middle School Math, your 11 to 14-year old can reinforce their middle-school math skills by playing strategic games and make learning fun!

Developed by Interactive Elementary, Middle School Math was designed to offer opportunities for student engagement at every turn. Stretching the full gamut of a well-rounded mathematics curriculum, the seven modules in Middle School Math truly push the boundaries of interactive learning. Interactive Elementary also offer a full range of tutorial videos on their site to help in navigating their app, unlocking all that it can offer.

“All the evidence suggests that children learn best when they can solidify their understandings through the use of concrete materials,” says Dave Brown, their president. “But we’ve done one better. We are creating modules that utilize virtual manipulatives. In actuality, we have integrated technology into hands-on learning. We believe we are definitely blazing new trails here. These are new inroads to student engagement. As this product becomes more comprehensive, it is really our early adopters who win out.” The company expects to continue updating the product through the 2011-12 school year.

Stay with us “after the break” to see one module of Middle school Math in action and to learn what the other 6 provide.

Ordering Numbers is just one module included in the Middle School iPad app.  There are seven developed so far, with two of those released as updates since the original release date. More are promised and all updates are included in the initial-cost of the app.

Middle School Modules:

  1. Plotter e1315938001998 Middle School Math Just Got FUN!Pinpoint Plotter - Plot a series of coordinates on a Cartesian Plane to form one of eight animals.
  2. Data Magnet - Create surveys and then question your friends before generating graphs to display your data.
  3. Place Value - Read numbers and then drag digits to their correct position on a place value chart.
  4. Ordering Numbers - Practice ordering fractions, decimal numbers & integers by poking cavemen scrambling around your screen.
  5. The Multiple Conveyor - Sort multiples according to their factors in this engaging learning game.
  6. Shape Board - Pull an elastic over pegs to create two-dimensional shapes. Then measure for area and perimeter.
  7. The Algebra Vault - Practice solving one and two-step equations by performing basic operations to isolate a variable
The Middle School iPad app is a great tool for teachers and parents alike to use with their students and children. The age of worksheets is over. The experienced educators behind Interactive Elementary understand that learning follows from engagement, and they have designed Middle School Math to offer opportunities for student engagement at every turn.


We had a 6th-grade public school teacher on our staff test out this app to see if it would be a good tool to use in her classroom.  She agrees that the games it contains would help students reinforce lessons and make learning fun. She only wished that her own school had a number of iPads available to utilize the app on a daily basis. She would encourage parents to add it to their family’s iPads.


So if you have a middle-school level child that needs or wants a fun way to learn and reinforce their math skills we would recommend adding the Middle School app for iPads to your iPad for them. Mention it to their teacher too!  It’s hard keeping up on all the new technology let alone the hundreds of thousands of apps available to help your child. I am sure they will value your input.


Middle School Math Middle School Math Just Got FUN!





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 Middle School Math Just Got FUN!


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