Spot the Dot with This Ruckus Media iPad App!

...teach your child colors while having FUN!

Spot the Dot Spot the Dot with This Ruckus Media iPad App!

Ruckus Media is known for their wonderful iPad apps for children and Spot the Dot is another in a long list of winners!  Teamed up with David A. Carter, this app is a wonderful learning tool and game for your children.  Spot the Dot is a simple app, but one that holds a child’s attention and encourages eye-hand coordination, memory and decision making all while teaching them their colors.

We liked the use of primary, complimentary colors to stimulate your child’s interest and imagination. Complimentary colors sit opposite each other on a color wheel; red and green, blue and orange, etc. They literally bounce off of each other and stimulate your child’s mind.

But don’t take my word for it, watch our video-review “after the break” to see Spot the Dot in ACTION!

As you see, Ruckus Media has purposely kept this simple yet graphic, allowing your child to concentrate on the task at hand. However, there is plenty to keep your child engaged, learning and having fun!

Spot the Dot Features:

  • Red Dot 300x228 Spot the Dot with This Ruckus Media iPad App!The first app by David A. Carter, whose hugely popular “Bugs in a Box” series has sold 6.5 million copies worldwide, brilliantly translates his complex paper sculptures for the touch screen
  • Bright, bold graphics teach young children colors and shapes
  • This “I Spy” type of search-and-find game engages children as they hunt for the missing dot
  • The dots’ locations are randomized ensuring that each play produces a different experience
  • Each level gets progressively more challenging and complex
  • A gentle, encouraging voice-over offers instructions, guidance and praise
  • Each level introduces a new activity: in one, players use a finger to move a spotlight around a dark screen until they find the correct dot; in another, shapes “pop” and are transformed into different shapes
  • Optional teaching tips provide parents with additional ideas for how to extend the lessons to include counting or shapes
I encourage parents of young toddlers to add Spot the Dot iPad app to their child’s collection!  We won’t tell them they are learning while having fun!  Which color activity does your child like best?
Ruckus Spot the Dot with This Ruckus Media iPad App!


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Ruckus Media & present SPOT the DOT! Join us on the website for our full review or GRAB it NOW:

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 Spot the Dot with This Ruckus Media iPad App!


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  1. Spot the Dot is a wonderful app for iPads for toddlers! Don't take my word for it, watch our video-review! Do you…

  2. Spot the Dot is a wonderful app for iPads for toddlers! Don't take my word for it, watch our video-review! Do you…

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