Toca Band Hits Your iPad Stage with a Brand New App!

Toca Band Toca Band Hits Your iPad Stage with a Brand New App!

There is a digital toy maker from Sweden that is one of the top children’s app developers in the world. Toca Boca is comprised of talented individuals that think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world and all that is contained within it. They make digital toys and games that help stimulate your child’s imagination, and, most importantly that you can play together with your kids. We love that so many of their apps depend on imaginative play, something that seems to be neglected in our busy world today. Toca Band, the newest app by Toca Boca, certainly meets and exceeds all our expectations and more. But MORE importantly our “tiny testers” absolutely LOVE it!

As you can see in the video the app is fun and somewhat silly, which the kids love! Each of the 16 different musical characters has their own unique personality and contributes a distinct sound to the band. As each character takes the stage music develops! Move them around to see how it affects the sound produced. Make one a star on the ascending stage and see how your child can manipulate, make new sounds, music and songs.

Toca Band Musical Characters:

  •  Star 300x225 Toca Band Hits Your iPad Stage with a Brand New App!Bang Bang Chef – Drums
  •  Dancy Nancy – Piano
  •  Mr Whizzle Whiz – Whistle
  •  Shaky McBones – Maraca
  •  Zuzz – Accordion
  •  Figara – Opera Singing
  •  Kalinka – Singing
  •  Stikk Figga – Rapping
  •  Lil’ Riff – Guitar
  •  Frig’n Frog – Frog
  •  Wao Miao – Theremin
  •  Tic Toc – Clock Percussion
  •  Shoe String Charlie – Bass Guitar
  •  Balooney – Balloon
  •  Dolores – Percussion

With Toca Band you can play along with your kids as they experiment with sounds, beats and rhythms in lots of fun ways. No matter the sound you each prefer, let’s find out what sounds best together! Want more idea on how to interact and play with your children to make the best of the app and experience? Be sure to go “backstage” to the Parents’ Area for ideas on “What to Talk About,” things that are “Good to Know” and how to tweak your settings so they are best for you. Best of all be assured that Toca Boca is always cognizant of  your child’s safety so you will never find any outside links within their apps.

Toca Band Features:

  •  Characters 300x225 Toca Band Hits Your iPad Stage with a Brand New App!Background music, animation and fun sound effects.
  •  16 colorful characters, each with their own unique sounds and moves!
  •  48 fun sound loops that can be put together in endless combinations
  •  Change the way each character plays by placing them further up- or downstage
  •  Make the song the way you like it – then dance along with your own moves
  •  Play and improvise in solo mode by placing a character on the star
  •  Combine rhythm instruments with melody and vocals
  •  Amazing original graphics
  •  No rules or stress – play any way your kids want to!
  •  Kid friendly interface!
  •  No third-party advertising!
  •  No in-app purchases!

Toca Band is a wonderful toy that lets you and your kids play and explore music together. It is appropriate for children from 18 months to 9 years old and everyone that wants to play with them, whether that be mom and dad, Nana and Poppy or big brother or sister. We encourage you to add Toca Band to your iDevices. It is compatible with your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch so you can pay for it only once and add it to all your family’s iOS devices! You won’t be sorry you did. Go make music together!
d41b42366f82ac2cf0ac05a77c66c92c Toca Band Hits Your iPad Stage with a Brand New App!

p.s. which musical character is YOUR favorite? Your kids?

Available on the App Store:
For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
Toca Band by Toca Boca. A music app for kids and anyone who likes to play!

Music by Håkan Lidbo –
Check out all our games at:

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 Toca Band Hits Your iPad Stage with a Brand New App!


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