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Faces Faces iMake iPad App

paul mccartney e1320697159105 Faces iMake iPad AppWho doesn’t like making funny faces??? Of themselves, their friends? Family?

Now make fun, funny faces with Faces iMake HD. This app for iPas was developed by iMagine machine,  in conjuction with children’s book author and educator Hanoch Piven and is based on Piven’s highly acclaimed creative collage workshops he has conducted all around the world. Piven is well known for creating caricature art for publications such as Time, Newsweek and The New Yorker, but he loves conducting  hands-on classes for children that encourage free-form collage that mimics his own.

With the release of his new app for iPads, Faces iMake – Right Brain Creativity, now everyone can create their own caricatures and share them with friends.  Faces iMake won a Parents’ Choice Gold Award in 2010; now you can enjoy the bigger version on your iPad.

Stay with us after the break to sneak a peek into one of Piven’s workshops and find out more about this creative app for iPads.

As you can see, Piven is well known for poking fun at celebrities and politicians and constructs his pieces by using found objects that say Lessons e1320695056894 Faces iMake iPad Appsomething about his subject while filling in for the facial feature. In Faces iMake he supplies over 200 such objects, from fruits and vegetables to candy, instruments and toys to stimulate creative play for everyone from 3 to 103!

We were particularly pleased to see that the app starts off with a short video and offers five more that teach the user exactly how to play with the app. No having to go to a website, it’s all self-contained and always available at the touch of a finger if needed. The controls are simple and very intuitive and we were playing after watching the introductory video just to test the quality of the information; which was great. You and your kids will be off and running just as fast.

Face e1320695476582 Faces iMake iPad AppEvery face you make can be entirely unique as you can pick and choose, alter size and layer. The eyes in the face I created here is a result of layering three objects, the bottom layer is a piece of candy, then I put toy eyeballs on top of that and topped those with yo-yo’s!  I had to use the candy teeth just because it evoked childhood memories of going to the corner store and was fun. Since you can also, as is explained in the videos, easily import your own images into the app, you have unlimited resources for making exactly what you want at any time.

Sharing your creations is also simple, I posted my image to both my Facebook page and sent it via email and the intuitive interface facilitated that quite easily. The colors remained true and the timing game immediate gratification.

Faces iMake Features:

  •  Gallery of 20 inspirational images created by the Piven family, which can be modified
  •  Make your own Puzzle with Tap2Print
  •  Music player that allows music to be played while creating Sharing engine
  •  Duplicate object button
  •  Flip object button
  •  Send object back one layer button
  •  Lock object button
  •  Hide menus and buttons option
  •  Audio feedback for all buttons

Hidden Features of Faces iMake:

  • It is an extraordinary tool for developing right brain creative capabilities and expanding awareness
  • It has been recognized as an intuitive tool for children with disabilities
  • It enables kids to express themselves visually in a liberating way

Kids and collage artists alike will love playing with Faces iMake!  We couldn’t find one negative thing to say about the app except that it took up too much time because we just played too long! Beware, its addicting!  Grab a copy of Faces iMake today!

Faces iMake Faces iMake iPad App

Hanoch Piven is an Israeli cartoonist who pokes fun at celebrities as well as politicians. He is the author of five children’s books, using food and household items to illustrate funny facves charicatures for Time, Newsweek and Rolling Stone. Last week, he spent time with students at Arts High School in Newark as part of a cultural exchange program between New Jersey and Israel.

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  2. Face by @iMaginemachine & @HanochPiven for imaginative HIGH! (video-review) http://t.co/GLmv7iIk #iPadapps

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