Display Recorder App to Video-Capture Your iPad!

...works on iPhones and iPod Touch too!

Display Recorder Display Recorder App to Video Capture Your iPad!

Last week we made a video for the Toca Train app that we had to apologize for… it was full of snap, crackle and pop noises that drove me nuts so I cannot imagine what you thought about it. But we needed to get the video up ASAP so we published it with a promise to get it fixed, also ASAP.  So since the Reflection app was giving us the trouble we went in search of an alternative. Since spending $800 on equipment is not in the budget we turned to other software in development and approached the developers of AirServer to help beta test their app. Unfortunately in its beta form it will not capture audio so that wouldn’t work. Then, just the day before yesterday a new app made its appearance in the Apple App Store called Display Recorder.

At first we discounted the app because people that we have been talking with over at Techsmith’s Camtasia forum said that it would not record both the app audio and a voiceover. Worse yet they said that while it would record a voiceover it would not capture the app audio, that was unacceptable. However while we continued to search I decided that why would I take other people’s word for an app when I never have before? So I bought the app and loaded it up onto my own iPad 2. The video you see below is the result:

Now this app is NOT perfect. We suggest that you record a small amount of whatever you want to video first to make sure that all the components, screen video, app audio, and voiceovers if using them, are all working before you set off to record your whole video. As we mentioned on our video (which by the way is absolute RAW video so you could see exactly what the app uploads to YouTube) the Toca Train video was resulting in a black screen. A quick check of the help file solved that problem as we told you earlier in the video. So thrilled beyond belief we set out to make some more video reviews for you. The next two apps would not share the audio stream and so Display Recorder wiped out ALL the audio on my videos. Not good. But we’re looking to resolve that problem and will let you know what the developers suggest as a fix.

Merging audio and video 300x225 Display Recorder App to Video Capture Your iPad!In the meantime Display Recorder if much less expensive than any other alternative so we suggest you grab a copy for yourself and play around with it too. You don’t have to jeopardize your iDevice warranty by jailbreaking it, you don’t have to spend $20 or $15 for other services. You certainly don’t have to spend $800 for equipment you won’t need in another month. Display Recorder will hopefully be all you need.


Display Recorder Features:

  •  Records directly to high quality H264 mp4
  •  Records both video & audio
  •  On-device YouTube uploading
  •  Adjustable video orientation & quality settings
  •  Adjustable audio quality settings
  •  Export recorded video to Photo Library
  •  Hardware accelerated video encoding

This newly emerging technology is just the beginning! If you have any reason to video-capture your iDevice screen do check out Display Recorder. I would love to hear what YOU have to say about it. Please leave me a comment below!

d41b42366f82ac2cf0ac05a77c66c92c Display Recorder App to Video Capture Your iPad!

http;//AppsforiPads.net brings you Display Recorder… and app for iPads & iPhones that captures the screen action, app audio AND voiceovers! Join us on the website for our full review or GRAB the app now: http://appsforipads.net/DisplayRecorderApp

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 Display Recorder App to Video Capture Your iPad!


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