Netflix Movies on Apps for iPads… Worth the Price?

... is the Netflix iPad app a love it or leave it proposition?

Netflix Netflix Movies on Apps for iPads... Worth the Price?

I wanted to talk to you today about an iPad app that I use absolutely ALL the time!  For me, this is one of the best under $10 deals ever AND the iPad app I use is FREE!!!  For $10 a month I get a DVD a week, but better than that I have access to thousands of movies to stream right to my iPad!  NOW, if I want I could even downgrade to the only streaming package for less than the cost of a cheap lunch!

With 3G I can watch it anywhere I want!  With Wi-Fi I have a LOT of options too!  Next week I get to travel to watch our son graduate, and  while on the road, since I am not driving, guess what I’ll be doing?  Yep, watching Netflix movies on my iPad with my 3G connection!  I love taking it outside in the yard in the summer and curling up in bed with it at night. With a set of headphones I don’t even have to worry about disturbing anyone while I watch whatever I want!  It’s great!

I live outside a major U.S. city, so sometimes we’re in the car 45 to 50 minutes to get to a destination. With my iPad and Netflix the kids are NEVER bored!  As you can see in our Apps for iPads video-review “after the break” its very simple to pull up a movie from all sorts of genres and have them playing in under a minute!  The picture is crystal clear and the audio is perfect.  If you reach your destination before the movie is over, not a problem, Netflix remembers right where you stopped and next time it will start  right at that spot so they can finish watch on the way home! It sure makes me popular with my grandkids!  While its not exactly the silver screen, the iPad gives you a nice viewing area, as big as most portable DVD players, and its light and highly mobile….

Netflix Ipad App Screenshot21 Netflix Movies on Apps for iPads... Worth the Price?

trans Netflix Movies on Apps for iPads... Worth the Price?

You can see for yourself that the quality is exactly what you would expect from Warner Brothers, Netflix and Apple.  Remember too that you are watching that movie through a second lens of my camera plus I use an anti-glare film on my iPad to protect it and make it more serviceable.  Even with all that, its a great viewing experience.

Netflix Ipad App Screenshot 300x225 Netflix Movies on Apps for iPads... Worth the Price?

It’s really easy to get started with Netflix.  First, we want to be sure that its a right fit for you.  So Netflix is offering you a free trial.  If you click on our banner at the top (or bottom) of this page we will be sure you are set up with a FREE 30 day trial Offer so that you can try it for yourself to see IF its right for you.  If its not, its not a big deal, with Netflix you can easily cancel anytime, guaranteed!

After signing up for your free trial head on over to the Apple App Store and download the FREE Netflix iPad app.  Open it up, sign in for the first time, and you are ready to start watching all sorts of entertaining movies!

So what are you waiting for?  You’ve seen what a great deal this is… heck you get to try it out for FREE, no strings attached!  You get a WHOLE MONTH to try it out! If you decide you don’t like it… that’s cool… just cancel the service!  You are not under any contract or obligation to continue.

After you have tried it on on your own iPad we would love to hear how you feel about the Netflix iPad app in the comments below!  Do you enjoy it as much as I do???

Get your FREE Netflix iPad app by clicking on the icon below and then click the Big Yellow FREE TRIAL  button  to get your FREE MONTH’S TRIAL starting TODAY!

Netflix Netflix Movies on Apps for iPads... Worth the Price?

 Netflix Movies on Apps for iPads... Worth the Price?

Enjoy using Neflix on YOUR iPad TODAY! brings YOU a sneak peak at what Netflix looks like on an iPad! Join us on our website for the chance to try it out for FREE!

PinExt Netflix Movies on Apps for iPads... Worth the Price?
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 Netflix Movies on Apps for iPads... Worth the Price?


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