Disney’s Bambi Comes to Your iPad

... in a beautifully illustrated iPad app!

Personalize e1344386195995 Disneys Bambi Comes to Your iPad Who hasn’t read, watched and cried over the Disney animated movie Bambi? Now this wonderful story is available for another generation, this time as an iPad app! With all the beautiful Disney illustrations we have grown to love and expect! Add in professional narration, animation to bring the app to life and interactive activities and you have another Disney HIT!

We like that parents and children have a variety of ways they can choose to interact with this storybook. The professional narrator can read the story, you or your child can read it themselves or you (or your child as they learn to read) can record your own voice to playback at a later time. We like that the text of the story is illuminated as read; allowing the child to associate the written with the spoken word. This helps the child to realize the relationship between letters, words and what they mean, helping them to get ready to read on their own. What we were disappointed in is the fact that, especially in the “read it myself” mode that if a child taps on a word the narrator does not pronounce it for them. This is pretty common in most children’s ebooks and we hope to see Disney incorporate it into more of their apps. It helps to alleviate frustration when a child stumbles over a word and helps encourage early reading.

Read e1344386343208 Disneys Bambi Comes to Your iPad Besides the wonderful story of Bambi this app for iPads, iPhone and iPod Touch (yes you can pay just once and put it on all your family’s iDevices) there are a variety of activities for your child. There are 1/2 dozen pictures from the story that they can color with four sizes of paint brushes or pencils. A full palette of colors makes for a lot of variety to choose from. However, while the app does let you zoom into each quarter of the picture for closeup work the pics are still so detailed that it makes coloring within the lines difficult.

There is a fun matching game that the kids like. Available in three levels your child is presented with a field of varying number of flowers. When they tap on them they open up to reveal their color. Children match the flowers into pairs and are rewarded with fluttering butterflies when they solve it correctly.

Paint e1344386512283 Disneys Bambi Comes to Your iPad The music portion of the activities allows a child to hear a song, learn it and then to simply just tap on the flowers in the scene to play random notes and create their own tunes. We found the children like to just play freeform and that similarly to this module in the Disney’s The Aristocats app the tune presented is just too difficult to follow along in the timing presented and our tiny testers simply gave up on trying. We are hoping that Disney revamps those modules into something more workable for younger children that love the apps.

Disney’s Bambi Features:

  •  Classic Disney illustrations and charming animation throughout.
  •  Professional narration, soaring music, and delightful sound effects.
  •  An Interactive Coloring Book, Matching Game, and Musical Activity.

Children love the animated movie Bambi and this app by the same name is no exception. At the same exact cost of a Golden Book edition of Bambi Disneys Bambi Comes to Your iPad  you cannot go wrong with this beautifully illustrated iPad edition. It is a classic that your children will love hearing read to them, as well as their reading and recording it, for years for years to come.

You won’t go wrong adding this Disney classic to your child’s iPad library.
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p.s. which Disney animated movie is YOUR favorite?


Walt Disney’s beloved coming-of-age tale will thrill a new generation of fans in this stunning storybook app. Read along, interact, and explore as Bambi and his furry friends grow up and learn about life in the forest.

Features include:
· Classic Disney illustrations and charming animation throughout.
· Professional narration, soaring music, and delightful sound effects.
· An Interactive Coloring Book, Matching Game, and Musical Activity.

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 Disneys Bambi Comes to Your iPad


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