Giddy Boooo! Giddy Ghost & Whimsical Witch an iPad App Full of FUN!

Giddy Ghost Giddy Boooo! Giddy Ghost & Whimsical Witch

Giddy BOOOOO!  Giddy Ghost lives in the Crooked Castle and he is so giddy he is always falling down his long, crooked stairs!  Help Giddy Ghost visit Whimsical Witch in her Mystical Mansion where she tries to conjure up a brew to help!

Add all the witchy-ingredients! Help Giddy and Whimsical add Gooey Goo, Toads, Bats, Slime, Bubbly Brew, Tails, Witch Mix and Witch Fiery Mix to her cauldron! Light the fire and repeat the magical words!

Stay with us to see this fun and spooky Giddy Ghost app for iPads in action and learn MORE!

Who can resist silly, bumbling Giddy Ghost or the red-haired witch, Whimsical? It’s a simple yet fun story set into an interactive picture book for your iPad! The attention to detail is wonderful, right down to the “texture” of the pages!

Introduce your young children to ghosts and witches in a fun, non-threatening way! This interactive storybook is great for children late twos and up.  They control the story, with pages that flip when they want them to and ingredients that dispense at their bidding, so they learn to feel confident with Halloween-type stories.

Giddy Ghost and Whimsical Witch Features:

  • Gooey Goo 300x225 Giddy Boooo! Giddy Ghost & Whimsical WitchAn interactive, comical adventure
  • Beautiful, hand-drawn, original art
  • Child friendly narration with appropriate background music
  • Amazing special effects and sound effects on each story page
  • Loads of interactive features
  • Devised by parents and happily enjoyed by children, several times over
  • A fun story-telling experience for the entire family
The only feature we would have liked to see that it is missing is highlighting of the text as it is read so that children learn to associate the written to the spoken word as they prepare to learn to read.  But that is easy to overlook with all the wonderful features it does include.



Giddy Ghost and Whimsical Witch is an original, imaginative interactive storybook by PixelMat,  that your children will love! We recommend it for your Halloween reading, so add it to your iPad today!


Giddy Giddy Boooo! Giddy Ghost & Whimsical Witch

PinExt Giddy Boooo! Giddy Ghost & Whimsical Witch
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 Giddy Boooo! Giddy Ghost & Whimsical Witch


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