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... with the release of JibJab Jr. Books iPad App!

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With JibJab Jr. Books, you can make YOUR child the STAR of the show!   In just a few simple steps, you create personalized storybooks  featuring your child’s face and name. Your child is absolutely going to LOVE the bright colors, wonderful illustrations, animation and will giggle in delight to see THEMSELVES starring in these eBooks!

Perhaps you are familiar with JibJabs satirical YouTube videos.  Or perhaps you have downloaded one of Gregg and Evan Spiridellis  (the brothers that run JibJab) eCards… they’ve been downloaded almost a billion times! Gregg and Evan, along with JibJab Jr.  were even recently featured on a USA Today spot! Now they’ve put all those wonderful animations and illustrations to work for your children and you!

We were able to set up characters for all three of our kids in no time at all! Children love seeing themselves in personalized books and these are no exception. Stick with us “after the break” to see how we put JibJab Jr. Books iPad App through its paces and see its full animated fun!

Pizza Charlie JibJab For Kids!As you can see we put JibJab Jr., as we do all the apps that cross our review desks, through its paces not only with one eBook but three. In every instance they were simple and fun to work with.

Setting up characters was simple; pick a gender, take or import a picture, pinch and drag it to fill the void for the face, aligning it with the sight-line. From there we typed in our child’s first name and picked a skin color that matched theirs. That is literally all there is to it and you are ready for your child to become a STAR!  You select a character to star, each time you open a book. You cannot change characters midway through a book, but can change every time you begin a new book.

The one flaw we immediately saw in the JibJab Jr. books is that there is absolutely no sound to accompany the wonderful animations. This to us was not acceptable; not on an iPad. We wrote of our concern and Gregg immediately answered.

Our app does not have sound, which was a deliberate decision and, yes, it was a mistake.  We were so focused on making this about the parent reading to the child that we missed the opportunity to insert subtle sounds that enhance the experience.  We are working on it now and it will be the first major feature enhancement for us.

Since I joined JibJab’s subscription plan (more on that in a minute) I  am looking forward to the addition of background audio added to the books.

Wrangler Max JibJab For Kids!

JibJab Jr. iPad app is absolutely FREE! It comes with “The Biggest Pizza Ever” eBook included. Additional books are available as an in-app purchase. We are not affiliated with any of these sales but think they are wonderful additions to the app. You can purchase eBooks one of two ways: you can buy a book at a time at $7.99 each OR you can subscribe to JibJab Jr. Books monthly plan for $3.99 a month. As a subscriber, you will receive one book per month automatically as well as enjoy the subscriber exclusive a la carte book price of $3.99. Your subscription plan  automatically renews unless canceled.  I joined the subscription plan and it was all handled very easily through the App Store and automatically billed to my account. It couldn’t have been more simple. I can spend more than $3.99 on a cup of coffee, I figure my grandkids are worth that and more, especially to see the looks on their faces as they star in their own eBooks!

Let your child star in their own book today! Start by downloading the JibJab Jr. Books iPad app! You’ll get to test out The Biggest Pizza Ever book yourself. Import your child’s pic and let them star in a book of their own. We bet you opt to add to your JibJab library but that is entirely up to you!

JibJab Jr. Books JibJab For Kids!



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Create personalized storybooks on the iPad featuring your child’s face & name! Great stories, amazing art, and awesome animation. Free download: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jibjab-jr.-books/id439449113?mt=8&uo=4

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