Put 10 Little Critter Stories on YOUR iPad!

...in one big, inexpensive collection of apps for iPads!

Little Critter Collection e1336589819445 Put 10 Little Critter Stories on YOUR iPad!


Mercer Mayer‘s beloved tales of little critters have been delighting children since 1975. Now they have been updated, enhanced with wonderful narration and just the right amount of background sound effects and brought to the iPad for a whole new generation of readers!


New Potty e1336589924448 Put 10 Little Critter Stories on YOUR iPad!


PinExt Put 10 Little Critter Stories on YOUR iPad!

Oceanhouse Media has brought the Little Critter books to life for your children and NOW you can get a whole collection of them!

The Little Critter Collection #1 Includes:

  • Little Critter ebooks1 e1336590104426 Put 10 Little Critter Stories on YOUR iPad! All By Myself  – Little Critter doesn’t always do everything perfectly, but he always does the best he can.
  • I Just Forgot - On rainy days he remembers his raincoat but forgets his boots. At home he takes a bath but forgets to use soap. Poor Little Critter!
  • I Was So Mad  – He wanted to keep frogs in the tub but his mom said he couldn’t. He wanted to paint the house but his Grandpa said no. Little Critter was SO mad.
  • Just Me and My Mom  – Little Critter enjoys a special day in the city with his mother. He means well, but gets himself in trouble all along the way.
  • Me Too!  –  Little Sister tags along wherever he goes. Whether he’s playing football with friends or hiding in his secret tree house, she always finds him. “Me too!,” she says.
  • The New Potty  –  This light-hearted story of common potty training frustrations encourages children to keep trying, just as Little Sister does.
  • Just Grandma and Me  – Little Critter becomes a good helper when he and grandma decide to spend a day at the beach!
  • Just for You  – Sweet Little Critter wants to do something special for his mom, but he’s a little too little and a lot too silly to get anything quite right.
  • The New Baby  – At first, getting along with the new baby seemed like an impossible task, but soon enough Little Critter learns how to be a good big brother.
  • When I Get Bigger  – Little Critter day dreams about all the exciting things he’ll do when he gets bigger like having a paper route and staying up late watching movies.
Grandma and Me 300x225 Put 10 Little Critter Stories on YOUR iPad! These ebook stories are wonderful and are a great learning tool as your child listens, learns and begins to read. We love that they are all equipped with read-a-long effect; each word is highlighted as it is read. This enables your child to associate the written with the spoken word. You can also tap on any word to hear it spoken, even in the ‘read-it-myself’ mode, so they will never be frustrated while trying to learn to read again!


Each of the Little Critter ebooks can be read in one of three ways:
  • Read to Me — listen to the narrated story with words highlighted as they are read
  • Read it Myself — read the book in its traditional form
  • Auto Play — plays like a movie, automatically reading and turning pages. Great for younger children!
By combining the original text and artwork of author Mercer Mayer with features that entertain and promote reading, this omBook appeals to readers of all ages.  They are sure to appeal to you and your kids! Each of these stories on their own are a treasure to share with your children. But now you can get the collection of 10 for such a small amount of cash that you just won’t want to pass up this deal. Add the Little Critter Collection #1 iPad app to your iDevices today! It is compatible with your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch so you can buy it once and have it available anywhere you happen to be.


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Little Critter Put 10 Little Critter Stories on YOUR iPad!


PinExt Put 10 Little Critter Stories on YOUR iPad!

PinExt Put 10 Little Critter Stories on YOUR iPad!
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 Put 10 Little Critter Stories on YOUR iPad!


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