JibJab Jr. Books Evolving Into Starring YOU Storybooks!

Storybooks e1345685426104 JibJab Jr. Books Evolving Into Starring YOU Storybooks!

If you like personalized books for your children you are sure to love JibJab Jr. books! We reviewed them last fall and fell with them immediately! They offer a new book every month and our tiny testers always ask for them if they realize that a new month has started! 

Starting next month JibJab Jr. books will evolve into a new edition, starring the newest characters to be added to the JibJab family; StoryBots and the books will be called Starring You Storybooks.

StoryBots are brightly-colored, perpetually positive little creatures who live beneath our screens and make learning fun for kids — and easy for parents! After the update, the app will still have all the books your kids love, but it will just look different and load a ton faster. Click here for a sneak peek at the new app and more information on the transition.

Here’s what you will see changing in your child’s books once the change occurs:

  • BOOKS: The books your kids love will not change one iota. You will have all of the books you currently have access to and we will continue to roll out a new book every month.
  • BRAND:  The name of the books will change to Starring You Storybooks which describe them even better!
  • SPEED:  The app is blazing fast compared to the current version. A lot of the pauses that used to happen in the experience while you were waiting for things to load now happen in the background so the app, overall, is more responsive.
  • LOADING SCREEN: After the app loads, a super fun intro animation will ease you and your kids into the StoryBots world. Check it out!

The new Starring You Storybooks will roll out next month! In the meantime Evan and Gregg, the brothers behind JibJab, are sharing some FREE StoryBots products:

Starring You® Videos
Create free personalized videos set to classic songs and share it with Grandma, Grandpa, or anyone else you’d like! If your kids like starring in our books, they’ll LOVE starring in StoryBots music videos! Create Videos »

Activity Sheets
Choose from 100+ free printable activity sheets, add crayons, and get your child to put down the iPad for a little while. You might just get a half-hour to yourself! You can thank us later. Print Activities »

ABC Videos
Join the StoryBots as they sing about each letter of the alphabet in the ABC Jamboree series! Warning: Expect delightful giggles as your child learns the shapes and sounds of the letters with these catchy tunes. Learn ABCs »

Beep & Boop™
Implement this StoryBots reward program and return sanity to your home! This simple, free iPhone app turns learning good behavior into a game that is fun for both kids AND parents. Seriously! Download App »

With the permission of JibJab, here’s a quick look at the FREE Starring You Videos:

 Have fun exploring and enjoying each of the free StoryBots products JibJab has given you as a token of their thanks for your support this past year!

Last but not least Evan and Gregg weren’t ever satisfied with the ending of  their JibJab Jr. book endings. They felt they were just too abrupt.

Here is how the new Starring You Storybooks will end:

Who could ask for more? Fun, animated characters your children are going to LOVE at a price you will! Check out StoryBots when they become available in the App Store!


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p.s. have YOU tried JibJab Jr. books? Which is your family’s favorite?

Starring You Books by StoryBots – Read Personalized Storybooks and Children’s Books

Version: 2.8.1
The Starring You® Books iPad app makes storytelling even more magical by making your child the star of a beautifully illustrated and animated storybook that features their face and name. Simply add a photo and – VOILA! Your child (or mommy, daddy, grandpa, friends or even the family dog) is the star of the show!

Once you download a book over a Wi-Fi or data connection,

iPad Screenshots:

  •  JibJab Jr. Books Evolving Into Starring YOU Storybooks!
  •  JibJab Jr. Books Evolving Into Starring YOU Storybooks!
  •  JibJab Jr. Books Evolving Into Starring YOU Storybooks!
  •  JibJab Jr. Books Evolving Into Starring YOU Storybooks!
  •  JibJab Jr. Books Evolving Into Starring YOU Storybooks!
Supported Devices: iPadThirdGen4G, iPadFourthGen4G, iPadThirdGen, iPadMini4G, iPadMini, iPad23G, iPadFourthGen, iPad2Wifi

JibJab Jr. books are becoming Starring You Storybooks! Stop http://AppsforiPads.net to read all about it and all the brand new FREE StoryBots products for YOUR kids!

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 JibJab Jr. Books Evolving Into Starring YOU Storybooks!


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