Sylvester’s Band Starring in their Own iPad App!

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Band1 Sylvesters Band Starring in their Own iPad App!

What happens when Henry the racoon goes looking for the Sylvester’s Band in this fun new iPad app? Henry is a raccoon. He is small. And he is clumsy. At any rate,  that’s what all the other animals in Firefly Forest have been telling him.  However, when Sylvester’s Band is missing and the big party is about to be cancelled, Henry the raccoon is the only one that volunteers to go find the lost band members and bring them back to Firefly Forest, so that the party, and the day may be saved!

Developed by Uncle Handsalt, a development team comprised of Morten Sandholt, a freelance designer and musician from Barcelona, Spain, and Jeppe Sandholt, an artist/animator living in Copenhagen, Sylvester’s Band is a great combination of story, fabulous illustrations and great music.

Stick with us “after the break” to see this Sylvester’s Band in action and see why the kids love it for yourself.

Sylvester the band is a nice combination of illustration, audio and interactivity. The interactive elements are subtle but fun and do not distract from the story.  You can pick leaves, adjust a microphone, pick berries off a cake, those sorts of simple activities that children enjoy looking for.  Children learn about the different musical instruments and are encouraged to explore each page by touching the world and characters on the screen.

Sylvester the Band Features:

  •  Run e1318043863297 Sylvesters Band Starring in their Own iPad App!35 beautifully illustrated pages.
  •  Touch and turn the book to interact with the world and characters.
  •  Let the English voice-over read aloud or read it yourself.
  •  Pay for it once and enjoy it on both your iPad and iPhone!
  •  Suitable for all children ages 2 and up.
The team of Uncle Handsalt has put together a great app. We hope to see and review more.  The only item we could find fault with is that the app  takes a long time to initially load, although our “tiny testers” know what “loading” means and anxiously anticipated the story each time they used it.  We would love to see some of the pictures resized to take advantage of the iPad’s large screen and the only other addition we would love to see in future apps is highlighting of the text as the app is narrated.
Sylvester’s Band app for iPads and iPhones is a wonderful addition to your child’s  iPad library and is available through the Apple App Store.
Sylvesters Band Sylvesters Band Starring in their Own iPad App!



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 Sylvesters Band Starring in their Own iPad App!


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