The Moogies; for PURE Unadulterated FUN! Apps for iPads Review!

The Moogie Barn The Moogies; for PURE Unadulterated FUN!

Sometimes a kid just has to have FUN! Yes, learning is fine and all that, but sometimes, just sometimes you have to be silly and share silly secrets with funny barnyard pets!  When you are ready for THAT kind of fun, turn to Moogies!

Its a little hard to put into words, but from the first time your 2 through 6-year old plays with The Moogies by Chillingo they are just going to know they’re having fun! The unforgettably silly cast of characters make your child instantly warm up to The Moogies. Once they play it they’ll want to play it MORE! Is it a game? Well, not really, but stick with us after the break to see some of The Moogies in action and maybe you’ll get the idea.

Okay, so The Moogies is silly. They start their scenes, once out of the barn, by answering the phone. They talk back to your child in their Moogie Kiss e1322516851724 The Moogies; for PURE Unadulterated FUN!goofy Moogie voices when your child talks to them.  The Moogies is all about exploring, touching, tapping, interacting to see what they might do this time! It’s just plain old laugh-out-loud FUN!

The Moogies was designed with the help of parents, child psychiatrists, artists, and even kids themselves, until they got it right.  It is is designed specifically for younger players, no obtrusive or obtuse interface to frustrate children, no advertisements and NO in-app purchases!

Just pick one of nine silly Moogies with which to play and start exploring! They all do different things, interacting with your child. The only complaint we got was that while there are a lot of interactive spots they wished for even more. But the youngest players love it just the way it is.  We found that the app works well on all iOS devices but tended to get used more on the iPhone, when short periods of time was just the right amount of Moogie time!

Just look at this Moogie icon! Who can resist such silliness! Add The Moogies to your iPad, iPhone AND iPod Touch today! After all, you pay once and play on all three… and your kids will love your silliness!

The Moogies The Moogies; for PURE Unadulterated FUN!

Hard to explain in words but instantly understandable the second you play it, The Moogies redefines entertainment for young players. Incomparable production values and an unforgettable cast of characters will make you love this app like you’ve never loved before. Is it a game? Interactive art? Pure genius? All of the above.

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 The Moogies; for PURE Unadulterated FUN!


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