Yodel-Oh! is Carnie-Fun at it’s Best!

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Yodel Oh Yodel Oh! is Carnie Fun at its Best!

Yodel-Oh! by Spinlight Studios, is sure to be an instant hit among the younger gaming-crowd just itching to play like the big guys!  If you are familiar with their other apps, Tally-Tots and Alpha-Tots, both excellent educational apps for having fun, you know the quality built into every one of their applications. Yodel-Oh! is no exception!

While Spinlight’s previous apps are teaching-while-having-fun apps, Yodel-Oh! is meant as pure gaming fun for your kids!  Happy hiker meets the meanest sheep in the mountains in Yodel-Oh!, a family-friendly carnie app great for every age. If you’ve ever thrown a dart, tossed a ball or ringed a bottle at the local county fair, you know the fun of the old-fashioned boardwalk skill games. With Yodel-Oh!, Spinlight Studio is bringing it back, in an app that so faithfully reproduces the old tin-style carnie games that you can almost taste the cotton candy on the tip of your tongue. Or in this case, the strudel!

Stay with us “after the break” for a Yodel-Oh! teaser and more fun!

All the fast-paced Alpine action revolves around Hans, a happy mountain climber with maidens on his mind – and a pack of cheesed-off sheep!  Game play is simple. Hit all the right targets – including RamBam, LambBam and the rest of the bleatin’ clan, to rack up valuable points. Miss them, and Hans takes a few steps up the hill. Nab the high score before Hans takes a header off the cliff and you’ll be crowned the next King of the Alps.

Yodel-Oh! Features:

  • Climb the mountain 300x203 Yodel Oh! is Carnie Fun at its Best!Unlock special bonus rounds every 2,500 points
  • Earn the high score to be declared the King of the Alps
  • Enjoy beautiful graphics optimized for the retina display
  • Earn bonus points and multipliers that quickly build your score
  • Includes original polka music, yodeling and cheesed off rams
Earn Bonus Points 300x205 Yodel Oh! is Carnie Fun at its Best!It’s all delivered courtesy of Spinlight, a Top-100 app developer that previously made its name in early education. “With AlphaTots and TallyTots, we taught kids how to count and say their letters. With Yodel-Oh!, we’re going for a much bigger audience,” says Matt Hutton, Partner and Creative Director of Spinlight Studio. “Namely anyone with opposable thumbs.”

While Yodel-Oh! is a “lets forget about learning and have some fun” app it does manage to help youngsters with eye-hand coordination and decision making.  I am just afraid that my ambidextrous 3-year old granddaughter is going to kick my butt!  LOL!

Get Yodel-Oh! for your iPad today… oh, and let your kids actually play once in a while! Yodel-Oh! is available for both the iPad and iPhone.

Yodel Yodel Oh! is Carnie Fun at its Best!

Take on RamBam, LambBam and the whole bleatin’ clan and score as much as you can before Hans takes a header off the cliff in the classic, carnie-style game that has all the critics saying,
“Yodel-Oh!™ — Yo, it’s the schnitzel!”

PinExt Yodel Oh! is Carnie Fun at its Best!
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 Yodel Oh! is Carnie Fun at its Best!


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