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Coming on the heels of the movie of the same name, Tangled, by Disney Publishing Worldwide, has just been released onto a much smaller screen. Their app for iPads, iPhone and iPod Touch brings all the same visually stunning illustrations, original video and musical score to your iOS devices.

The classic tale of Rapunzel comes alive on your iPad with its big screen and great features. Come see just some of them!

Your child can interact with this wonderful storybook in a number of ways. First off they can decide if they want the professional narrator to read the story to them or if they would prefer to read it themselves. While Tangled Video 300x227 Tangled Comes to Your iPadthe narrator reads each individual word will illuminate to help the child associate the written with the spoken word, promoting reading. If they prefer to read it themselves and get stumped a simple tap on the text will allow the narrator to read that page for them so they do not get frustrated. Again, the words will highlight so they might see the offending word. There is also the opportunity for you, or the child to create their own narration by recording themselves reading the ebook. Once saved they may go back and listen to that version whenever they desire, modifying it whenever they prefer.

Along with story, which included surprises throughout, there are videos integrated from the film. You will also note there are puzzle pieces and crayons on some pages with denote that there are puzzles or coloring pages associated with those pages. In addition to those there is also a fun game where the child matches colored lanterns to eliminate them from the screen and thus score points. The game is available in three levels of play. We would have liked to see the puzzles also be available in the easy, medium, hard format but this time it appears they are only available as one level with that static amount of pieces available for play.

Tangled Features:

  •  Tangled Activities 300x227 Tangled Comes to Your iPadVibrant animated scenes with Interactive Tap-and-Play Surprises!
  •  Multiple reading modes—Follow Along, Read and Explore, Record Your Own Voice!
  •  Character Voices, Music and Art from the film.
  •  Coloring and Puzzle Pages.
  •  Quick Thinking “Floating Lanterns” Swipe-and-Play Game!


Disney apps for iPads are always worth their price because we find children return to them repeatedly and use them in different ways as they age. Tangled is a classic fairytale that kids love for many years so they will get lots of use out of this one. Remember too that because it is a universal app that you can purchase it once and download it onto all your family’s iOS devices! That really makes this one a bargain! So grab a copy of Tangled for you iOS device today!

Tangled Tangled Comes to Your iPad

Rapunzel has never left her tower in the woods. One day, a thief named Flynn discovers her and the unlikely pair sets off on an action-packed journey across the kingdom. From mischievous thugs to dazzling festivals, Rapunzel quickly learns there is much more to life outside the tower!


· Vibrant animated scenes with Interactive Tap-and-Play Surprises!

· Multiple reading modes—Follow Along, Read and Explore, Record Your Own Voice!

· Character Voices, Music and Art from the film.

· Coloring and Puzzle Pages.

· Quick Thinking “Floating Lanterns” Swipe-and-Play Game!

Experience the magical story of Disney’s “Tangled” in this highly interactive animated Storybook Deluxe App!

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 Tangled Comes to Your iPad


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