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We all remember growing up with wonderful Disney movies. One of those is Disney’s The Aristocats.  First released in 1970 this animated full-featured film was hit from the start! Now YOUR children can enjoy the story on your iPad! For those of you that forget the story-line Duchess and her three kittens are lost! The story and the app follows them as they find their way back to their beloved Madame Bonfamille  with help from Thomas O’Malley, who proves to be a very resourceful alley cat, they make it back…  see all of their adventures along the way.

As you can see in our video The Aristocats retains all if its 1970′s flair, including the music. The narration is well done as is, as expected, the illustrations straight out of the movie.  The ability to personalize the app is nice. You can easily take a picture or add one from your iPad’s photo app. Adding your child’s name is as simple as picking the tool you prefer to use, whether brush, pencil or a keyboard for typed text.

We like that the text in the story is highlighted as read by the narrator. This enables your child to associate the written with the spoken word and gets them on the right track for reading the story themselves. They can even record themselves while reading, which is an added incentive to learn. The recording can be changed at any time so that you, or your child can always modify it, as they learn to read better, or you want to read them the story when you have to be away.

What we did not like is that when one taps on a word the narrator does not read it back. This is an option that is becoming a standard with children’s book apps and we were surprised to see it wasn’t included in this app. It is particularly helpful in preventing frustration when the child opts to read it themselves.  We hope to see this option added in an update.

Interactive Activities:

Play 300x225 Disneys Aristocats on Your iPadIn addition to the story the app offers a variety of activities that your child can access either through the story-line or menu. Five puzzles are offered in Easy, Medium and Hard with the number of pieces increasing at each level of play.

There is a coloring “book” but we were disappointed that only three of the story’s panels is offered. There is an easel of colors for both the paint brush and pencils, both available in four tip sizes. We would have liked to see a pinch-zoom feature available for coloring the small areas of these detailed illustrations as even the smallest tips were too large for some areas.

The last interactive activity is a piano. Your child has the opportunity to listen to the song, play along with it, and just play the keys however they want. We found, even as adults, that the song was a bit tough for trying to follow along in its rhythm and would have preferred one of the more fun, engaging melodies from the movie. Our tiny testers enjoyed just playing the keys however they have many apps that do that better.

Disney’s The Arisotocats Features:

  •  Beautifully illustrated 300x225 Disneys Aristocats on Your iPadReading modes for all ages: Read to Me or Read By Myself
  •  Coloring Pages and Interactive Puzzles throughout the story
  •  Tap a song on the Piano
  •  Beautiful illustrations, professional narration and sound effects


So while we don’t think that the app is perfect we still think it offers a lot for your money and know you’re children will enjoy it. We recommend that you add Disney’s Aristocats app for iPads, iPhone and iPod Touch (yes, you can pay for it just once and use it on all your family’s iDevices!) to your iPad library for your children.

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p.s. which is YOUR favorite Disney iPad app? Have we reviewed it yet?

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 Disneys Aristocats on Your iPad


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  3. Gilles says:


    I think this app is really good, but is that it contains multilanguages ?

    Thank you !

  4. Like most apps it is in English. If there are multiple languages included in the app that info would and is included in our reviews.

    Hope this helps!

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