Rockmate Knocks Your Socks OFF! Apps for iPads Review!

Rockmate Studio Rockmate Knocks Your Socks OFF!

Sometimes an app comes along that just knocks your socks off.  Sometimes you just sit there with you mouth hanging open and wish that you could use it to its full potential.  Then you go grab one of your testers that CAN!

That is exactly what happened when Rockmate crossed my desk!  Rockmate lets you make and create music, alone or with up to three other friends! With the use of multi-gesture technology you can now all play perfectly tuned instruments, on your iPad, at once.

I could go on and on about Rockmate, but I am going to let it speak for “itself.”  Stay with us after the break to see this amazing new music app for iPads in ACTION!

Isn’t Rockmate simply AMAZING?  Not only does it turn your iPad into a complete music studio but it’s fun at the same time! Want to get your kids interested in music? In learning an instrument? THIS is the perfect way to introduce them to a world of music that rocks!  Rockmate comes equipped with two guitars, a keyboard and drums… but with all the options available the sounds are absolutely limitless!  Add the fact that you can overdub tracks onto your original track and the possibilities are astounding and mind boggling.  Keep time to the built in metronome to practice and RECORD your song! When you are done, share it with your friend via email or an iTunes folder… or send it them in progress to get their feedback, no matter the reason the results are the same… creative endeavors made possible by the Rockmate app for iPads!

Rockmate Features:

  •  Play 300x229 Rockmate Knocks Your Socks OFF!Realistic design and animations
  •  High-quality samples
  •  4 players on one single iPad
  •  Realtime looper
  •  Smart metronome
  •  Mixer with level and pan controls
  •  Realtime Fx (distortion, multiFX, powerchord)
  •  Chords progression customizable
  •  Create your own chords
  •  Save your styles (Chords progression, FX, Drum, keyboard style…)
  •  Export: .wav or .aac
  •  Sharing: iTunes sharing folder and Email.
  •  Airplay

Now get this, Rockmate only costs $2.99.  Yes, less than a cup of Starbucks and you can turn your kids onto music.   Oh heck with the kids, get it for YOURSELF!  I’ll tell you it made me wish that I had kept up my music lessons as a kid…but then I didn’t want to play flute, I wanted to play the sax… darned old fashioned dad.   Now, with apps like Rockmate everyone is going to want to play music!  Imagine not having to tote around a set of drums, imagine practicing anywhere. Imagine….

Don’t wait another minute, add Rockmate to your iPad now.  There really isn’t any reason not to… and lots for why you should. LET’S ROCK TOGETHER!

Rockmate icon Rockmate Knocks Your Socks OFF!

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Exclusively on The App Store

Rockmate turns your iPad into a complete music studio easy and super fun to use.
You can compose, record and play songs with up to 4 Rock players on one single iPad. Rockmate is easy to play with smart chords progressions, sounds great with separated guitar effects and in-house produced audio samples and is also fully customizable with multiple drums and keyboard styles.

Rockmate is ready to rock !
Your guitars are always well tuned, no need to carry your drum kit or to patch your keyboard. A smart metronome and a real-time looper will assist you in composing and recording your songs. That you can share by email or in your iTunes sharing folder.

• Realistic design and animations
• High quality samples
• 4 players on one single iPad
• Realtime Looper
• Smart metronome
• Mixer with level and pan controls
• Realtime Fx (distortion, multiFX, powerchord)
• Chords progression customizable
• Guitar open tuning
• Save your styles (Chords progression, FX, Drum, keyboard style…)
• Export: .wav or .aac
• Sharing: iTunes sharing folder and Email
• Airplay


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 Rockmate Knocks Your Socks OFF!


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