Camera Awesome is… well, AWESOME!

Awesomized 202x300 Camera Awesome is... well, AWESOME!

If you are like me you get tired of hearing about camera apps because they all start to blend together and none stand out. Well there is one that was just released that is truly one you need to check out. It’s called Camera Awesome, by SmugMug  and it is just that! The base app is FREE so you can check it out just like I did! Yes, there are in-app purchases, but that’s only at your discretion and they are so cheap you aren’t going to believe your eyes! So stick with us to see this great app in action!

Wow! That pretty much says it all. The base app gives you a LOT! We have only just started to play around with all the fun stuff it can do, but we encourage you to just go ahead and download it! After all it’s FREE! You can use it on your iPhone, iPad (even take pics on your iPad 2 and later today the iPad 3) and get the feel for it yourself. You can even import pictures into the app for editing! Even photographs you didn’t take with the app.

We really liked the ease of sharing photos and videos with a number of services. We uploaded the two below to Flickr and also emailed them and in each instance it was quick and easy and we didn’t encounter any problems.

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In-App Purchases Available:

  1. Portrait Presets$0.99
  2. Portrait Filters$0.99
  3. Vintage Presets$0.99
  4. B&W Portrait Presets$0.99
  5. Destroyed Presets$0.99
  6. B&W Presets$0.99
  7. Kubota I Presets$0.99
  8. Kubota I Filters$0.99
  9. Vintage Filters$0.99
  10. B&W Filters$0.99
Edit Photo e1331240653576 Camera Awesome is... well, AWESOME!As you are editing your photos you will, in each section, be presented first with those items that are included in the free app. After those options you will find screens of items that are for sale as in-app purchases. As you swipe to the page you will note that the name of the in-app purchase will slide down from the top; i.e. white frames, black frames, etc. There will be a cart-icon located in the top right of the page as pictured to the left. You will be buying ALL nine of the items that are shown on that page for the one cost, whether it is a frame or something like the filters shown to the left.  The in-app purchase is very easy, just put the item in the cart and follow the prompts. The items will be ready for immediate use.


So how does this app work on various iOS devices? We grabbed an iPhone and iPad to find out. You will see a difference in the pictures from an iPhone to an iPad 2 as the iPad 2 isn’t noted for having a very good camera. We shot the picture on the left with an iPhone 4 and the one on the right with the iPad 2. We did not edit it at all so that you could see exactly what you get out of the box. 

CameraAwesomeiPhone e1331136995760 Camera Awesome is... well, AWESOME!   CameraAwesomeiPad e1331137051278 Camera Awesome is... well, AWESOME!

The difference in vibrancy and definition is immediately apparent but that is the fault of the camera, not the app. While we have not experimented with the video portion yet (and what’s UP with the pre-recording MAGIC?) my guess is you are going to see a much better end product when it comes to the iPad 2 than you’ll see with photos. But that’s just the nature of the iPad 2. We’d love to hear what your thoughts are on that if you’d leave them in the comments below!

We haven’t begun to play with or show you all the neat filters available for the app! We will show you how a frame looks. Granted, this isn’t the prettiest picture, it isn’t meant to be, we just wanted something colorful, with lots of contrast and some text to judge how clear the pics turned out. With that in mind you’ll find the pic with the frame above.

So what do we think? We think you’d be crazy to pass up getting Camera Awesome for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch simply because it is FREE! But more than that, because they are right, it is awesome. So go ahead and grab as many copies as you’d like today!

Camera Camera Awesome is... well, AWESOME!

SmugMug says no to ugly smartphone photos with its free, easy iPhone app. Camera Awesome lets you capture special moments beautifully with the camera you actually own, not the DSLR you’d sell your soul for. Camera Awesome allows shutterbugs of all skill levels to snap photos quickly, refine them easily and share to favorite sites instantly. With intuitive camera features, special effects, time-travel video capture and seamless sharing, Awesomizing helps iPhone paparrazzi achieve professional results, without special equipment or planning. SmugMug is the online photo hosting and sharing innovator with billions of happy photos and millions of passionate customers. Learn more at

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 Camera Awesome is... well, AWESOME!


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