Color Range App for iPads Puts Color in Your Life

... modifying your photos right on your iPad!

Color Range 2.0 e1320863823603 Color Range App for iPads Puts Color in Your Life

If you’d like to add selective color enhancements to your photos on your iPad or iPhone look no further than Color Range. Developed by SSA Mobile this app is not as sophisticated as say Photoshop but it will allow you to do a lot more than what you can do in say Instagram.

Using a series of tools you can easily (although I have to admit I personally did not find it as intuitive to use as some others did) add or delete colors, hue, saturation, etc. without once having to remove your picture from your device. Once you have your photo modified to your liking you can also share it via email and social networks right from the app.

Stay with us after the break to see Color Range in action and learn more.

We think the DailyApp Show did a nice job of showing off the basics of what Color Range can do, regardless of which iOS device you decide to use it on.  Since their video was shot there have even been more options added to the app. The Color Range app developers are continually improving their app with their latest upgrade only two weeks ago.

Color Range goes far beyond other apps and gives you unique never-before-seen capabilities for creative color play. The app features 2 unique effects for automatic color highlighting – “Color Picker” and “Color Sliders”. These effects allow you to create killer pics with a few taps of your finger, providing amazing results that cannot be achieved with “manual brushing”.  In addition, the app offers a color/grayscale brush, for use when custom corrections need to be made.

Color Range Now Features:

  •  Sliders e1320863570280 Color Range App for iPads Puts Color in Your LifeUnique filters called Color Separator and Equalizers Of Colors’ Range for automatic point out and partial or full elimination of a color or colors range
  •  Standard or Advanced mode of gray/colored brush for manual elimination or recovering of photo’s colors
  •  Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Sharpness filters for additional adjustments and receiving of the style you need for your image
  •  Hue filter for changing colors of selected objects
  •  Color Balance filter for achieving different kinds of vintage effects
  •  Ability to view all applied effects in real-time
  •  Ability to cancel and repeat your actions an unlimited number of times
  •  Zoom function
  •  Ability to upload images with any resolution or apply the built-in camera
  •  Ability to save images in high resolution up to 2040×2040
  •  Ability to save images in Photo Album, send them via email or export them to Facebook and Twitter
At a mere $0.99 Color Range offers a lot for the money if you are looking to custom colorize photos from your collection or pics you just took with your iPhone or iPad 2.
Color Range Color Range App for iPads Puts Color in Your Life

Color Range provides a new way to make your photos look incredibly stylish. No more hand work and tedious area selection! Color Range allows you to turn any picture into a colorized vintage photo with just a couple of finger taps.

PinExt Color Range App for iPads Puts Color in Your Life
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 Color Range App for iPads Puts Color in Your Life


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