Personalize Your Facebook with Cover Photo Maker!

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If you haven’t already switched over to the new Facebook Timeline you will, automatically at the end of March. The very first thing you are going to notice is the HUGE Cover Photo that will be available at the top of your wall! It is nice, big, and now easily customizable.  No more row of little pics that move all the time! BUT how to easily customize that pic? Does it have to be just one? How to pull off a great cover photo without a lot of fuss and muss?

I don’t know about you but I bet you are like me and always busy. So I wanted a simple way to achieve great results. I found just that with Cover Photo Maker for Facebook Pro+ app for iPads, iPhone and iPod Touch by Chuckanut Media. It is SO simple to do you are going to find yourself changing YOUR Facebook Cover all the time! Come see how!

Creating a Facebook cover with Cover Photo Maker really couldn’t be simpler. First you want to pick the layout you would like for your cover and the app gives you 16 of those to choose from. As you can see you can insert up to five pictures into some layouts, or you can opt to just use one huge picture:

Layouts 300x227 Personalize Your Facebook with Cover Photo Maker!

Choosing photos is as simple as tapping on each section. That will bring up your device’s photo app. Just scroll through your albums to find the photo you want in that particular section and tap on it. That’s all there is to that. You can use the pinch gesture to adjust the picture’s size and move it to just where you want it. Do that with the remaining spots in your layout. The one thing I wished that they allowed in the app was an option to swap pictures from one spot to another but that is not possible. If you want to change any one picture you just double tap on the existing picture and select a different photo to swap into the spot. Of course if you want to swap pics from spot to spot you have to do that twice, replacing both spots from the photo app.

Once you have your photos where you want them you are ready, if you want, to add text. A simple tap on the Add Text Button brings up that feature. Type in the test you want, pick from any of 30 fonts, add or remove shadows, line thickness, and the color you want your font to be. You can also adjust the size of the text and move it wherever you want it within your layout. Want more than one? Just repeat it as many times as you desire! Want the font to be darker or just a watermark? The opacity slider will take care of that for you.

Family Cover 300x225 Personalize Your Facebook with Cover Photo Maker!

Once you have your photos in place you can then modify the look further. If you look at the picture above you will see that you can still rotate images or flip them to get the desired result. But more than that you can adjust the color of the “matting” located between the pictures. Since the color is controlled by sliders the results are almost infinite. Prefer rounded corners rather than the standard square? Tap on that icon and you have total control on how much of a curve is put on them. Here is also where you can easily manipulate the spacing for even more of a custom look.

Refining Cover 300x225 Personalize Your Facebook with Cover Photo Maker!

Once you get your Facebook Cover looking just how you want it you are ready to hit Finish. This lets you save the cover to your photo app, email it and upload it to your main Facebook page. It will not install it to your page, but rather you will find that it has been added to your Facebook wall. You can select it from there to use it as your new cover. It will not allow you to upload it to a Facebook fan page if you have them. In that case it’s best to email it to yourself and upload it into place on those pages.

That’s all there is to it. You can literally set up and upload a new Facebook Cover with Cover Photo Maker in minutes! It will make changing the look of your timeline simple and easy. So go ahead and download this fun and functional new app for iPads, iPhone and iPod Touch now!

Cover Personalize Your Facebook with Cover Photo Maker!

PinExt Personalize Your Facebook with Cover Photo Maker!
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 Personalize Your Facebook with Cover Photo Maker!


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