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...with the aid of the HandiCraft app for iPads!

HandiCraft Learn Crafts on Your iPad

A couple weeks ago we reviewed a great craft app for iPads that allowed you to keep track of your knitting and crochet, called Knit Counter Pro. We discovered that Technical Made Easy,  the developer of that app, has more craft oriented apps that are well worth your looking at. So today we are taking a look at HandiCraft.

HandiCraft, for about the same price of a magazine, brings you all the basics of not one, but four different crafts; Quilting, Knitting, Crochet and Embroidery.

Video Lessons 225x300 Learn Crafts on Your iPadWe took a stroll through each of the four sections included within the app. It’s a large download, including 150 patterns, 500+ pages of content and lots of HD video! We really liked the Quilting, Knit and Crochet sections. Each of them included video in some way. The quilting section offers a separate section of Video Lessons with 22 videos included on everything from getting your fabric ready to binding your quilt. The knit section has the videos more integrated as when you access each chapter you decide if you want written or video-taped instruction. The same format is available in the Crochet section of the App. The videos are clear, easy to hear (although we though it odd to listen to a man giving crochet instructions, but hey call me sexist) and you do not have to be connected to the Internet to watch them so they are available to you anywhere you prefer. I do want to point out the all instructions are for right-handed persons and the knitting taught is the very traditional American (sometimes called English) method, sometimes called the throwing style that most are familiar with.

We weren’t as thrilled with the Embroidery section as it did not include video like the other three. It also only gave minimal illustrations to explain how to make the stitches offered. That being said there are a lot of great embroidery books available just about anywhere.  The other three sections more than made up for the Embroidery portion. They do give a “book” of patterns and designs you can trace off using your iPad as a light table but we found most of the patterns a bit dated for our modern taste.

Instructions 228x300 Learn Crafts on Your iPadHandiCraft Features:

  •  Step by Step Instruction
  •  Illustrated Content
  •  HD Video Lessons
  •  Patterns For All Categories
  •  Samples of All Patterns

If you are a beginner in any of these crafts or just wanting to learn you will find the HandiCraft app a good addition to your iPad library.




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 Learn Crafts on Your iPad


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