Keep TRACK of Your Knitting & Crochet w/an App for iPads!

Knit Counter Pro Keep TRACK of Your Knitting & Crochet w/an App for iPads!

Tired of trying to keep track of rows, repeats and stitches in your knitting and crocheting? I know I used to rely on my old method of printing a copy of the pattern and marking it up as I went along. I would have to have the paper sitting out with a pen every time I pulled out my needlework. It was always flying off somewhere and I was always forgetting if I took the time to cross off a row or stitch. I tried manual stitch counters too, they just weren’t for me.

Then I found Knit Counter Pro by Technical Made Easy. This development team concentrates on crafting apps and does them well.

Knit Counter Pro Features:

  • Knit 300x228 Keep TRACK of Your Knitting & Crochet w/an App for iPads!Upload Your Own Patterns
  • Multiple Row and Stitch Counters per Project
  • Pattern Repeat, Row and Stitch Tracking
  • Row and Stitch Reminder Alarms
  • Counter Locking
  • Project Notes
  • 25 Project Files
Since the buttons are HUGE I was able to tap them without even taking my eyes off of my project. That was the big problem when I used a paper and pencil; you had to hunt for where you needed to make a note, or cross something out, and then I would have to go back to working. With Knit Counter Pro I didn’t have to do that! Once I fed my pattern into the app I could just work! It made for a much better experience and I find I finish projects faster. I love that I can set an alarm to alert me when I have finished a repeat or section, especially if it’s a simple, sometimes monotonous section of work when my mind tends to wander since it doesn’t call for concentration. I find I don’t have to tear out unnecessary work anymore.


Also, if you are like a lot of crafters you have more than one project going at any one time. We tend to do that… so we don’t get bored with a long involved pattern we start smaller ones to start and finish while the big project progresses. We also have little projects that we can carry with us ready to go. Knit Counter Pro has 25 Project Files ready and waiting to be filled! Even I don’t have 25 projects going at any one time! This should be enough for everyone even if you share your iPad with another knitter in your family! Want to really share a project? Each file is able to be shared via email!


If you enjoy knitting or crocheting but not the tedious need for keeping track of your pattern I suggest you let Knit Counter Pro do all the work and download the app today. It will make your next project a lot more enjoyable!


Knit Counter Keep TRACK of Your Knitting & Crochet w/an App for iPads!

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PinExt Keep TRACK of Your Knitting & Crochet w/an App for iPads!
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 Keep TRACK of Your Knitting & Crochet w/an App for iPads!


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