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If you love Italian food as much as I do you can never get enough and an occasional night out at Sapori’s Ristorante Italiano,  our favorite local Sicilian restaurant, is never going to sate my insatiable appetite!

So when I found the new Cook Italian app for iPads developed by CulinartMedia for iCook2day I just had to have it!  This is an authentic Italian cookbook! I knew that immediately when I saw Campari and Orange as one of the beverages! Limoncello I love and would expect but no one usually knows Campari, and I often get odd looks when ordering it, but they do in this app! You’ll be amazed at how authentic it is!

Open up this wonderfully done app and you are personally greeted by Daniella Malfitano, the chef behind all of the great recipes included in the app. Daniella Malfitano is a professionally-trained chef who’s love of all things Italian come to here naturally through Cooking Italian 300x232 Cook Italian With This GREAT iPad App!her family’s Sicilian heritage. Daniella studied at the The French Culinary Institute and has worked in many well-known restaurants in Chicago and New York City. She can be heard every week on the nationally syndicated radio program “On The House.” You can also follow her PBS food blog, Delicious Discoveries.

With over 100 recipes and 400 beautiful photographs this iPad app is a feast for the eyes. BUT it is in the recipes that it really shines. With all the food groups and coursed represented you are sure to find lots of inspiration and instruction for your meals.

Coupled with some great tools including a shopping list feature, videos that do not have to stay stored on your iPad but loaded when needed to conserve hard drive space, metric conversions, portion converter for when you expect more guests and built-in timers you have a fully functioning kitchen tool right on your iPad.  Ingredients that you’re having trouble finding in your location? Use the resource guide that is integrated directly into the Internet. You can even select a menu and email out invitations for your friends to join you to partake in your next Italian feast!

The only thing we found lacking was the lack of a search box and the number of videos that are available. We would love to see more added, however the ones that are available are very well done and Daniella’s narration is superb.  We really like how fast they download so we don’t have to keep them on our iPad taking up valuable room.

Cook Italian Features:

  • Email your invitation 300x225 Cook Italian With This GREAT iPad App! Over 100 Italian recipes, featuring Chef Daniella Malfitano
  •  Videos narrated by Daniella Malfitano
  •  Practical and fun shopping list functions
  •  Ingredient calculator
  •  Built-in timer for each recipe
  •  Ingredient definitions and images
  •  Social media and mailing functions
  •  Over 400 photographs
  •  Extensive resource guide for kitchen tools and specialty food items
  •  Resources tied to individual recipes
  •  Direct web access to suppliers for hard-to-find ingredients


If you love Italian food you are going to absolutely love this Sicilian feast! At a small fraction of the cost of conventional cookbooks you are going to be amazed at all you get! So go ahead and add Cook Italian to your iPad kitchen library today! You, and all your guests are going to be glad you did!

What’s your favorite Italian recipe? Is it included in this app? How does it differ from your family recipe? We’d love to hear from YOU!

Daniella Cook Italian With This GREAT iPad App!

How-to video on preparing Fried Calamari Rings from the Cook Italian iPad app with Chef and TV host Daniella Malfitano. This app was developed by CulinartMedia for iCook2day and is available for download in the App Store.

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 Cook Italian With This GREAT iPad App!


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