Is Notes Plus the PERFECT App for iPads?

Notes Plus Is Notes Plus the PERFECT App for iPads?

Apps for iPads continues our series focusing on note taking iPad apps with NOTES PLUS, which may prove to be the perfect “hybrid” application!

Viet Tran, a University of Minnesota grad student who speaks English as a second language, has put together an iPad app that communicates perfectly. Starting out to develop ” a very simple handwriting app” Viet Tran soon “learned  that the App Store today is very different from the App Store 3 years ago when the iPhone first released” and has been striving to “improve user experience with the new trend of technology on tablet devices.” He is intent on focusing “on improving this Notes Plus app to the point that all users are happy with it.”

Stay with us “after the break for a full review, video overview AND a chance to WIN a copy of Notes Plus!

Photo Plus Screenshot 300x225 Is Notes Plus the PERFECT App for iPads?

Notes Plus has taken some of the very best features from handwritten note taking iPad apps (that we have already reviewed) and has blended them with the ability to voice record  into one awesome application!

As you all know I insist that a note taking app allow me to take handwritten notes. Notes Plus not only allows you to write notes by hand, it gives you a closeup box so that you can write in normal size while it shrinks it to fit perfectly into your 8-1/2″ x 11″ document. You can even switch to typing at any time by simply double tapping on your iPad screen. Change the font and its color to suit your  needs.  You can even choose how far apart the lines, if you opt to even have lines, are printed! All while RECORDING your lecture, meeting, webinar, seminar or class! This iPad app gives your handwriting six line thicknesses, a dozen ink colors, opacity control of your ink as well as the ability to mix and match colors utilizing outline as well as fill colors for an INFINITE amount of variety!

This is the only note taking app we have found that allows you to essentially cut and paste your typed or written information anywhere in your note by simply lassoing and moving it!  Even HAND written notes or sketches! Need to just “scratch” that?  It as simple as “scratching” through the offending entry! We will get into that, and MORE, in our upcoming Notes Plus tutorial so watch for that upcoming post next week! Notes Plus is simple and easy to use! As a matter of fact a lot of thought was put into that… you can pretty much just dive into this app with little instruction!

Screenshot of Notes Plus Revisions Is Notes Plus the PERFECT App for iPads?Two shortcomings of Notes Plus right now is first, the inablilty to search or tag notes for future retrieval and secondly, not being able to export the audio files. Both items are on the developers short list for upcoming  revisions. Right now you can email your notes to Evernote as a PDF so they are searchable, and Evernote integration is being discussed, but Viet Tran realizes this “is the biggest weakness of Note Plus… and will focus on it as soon as I release this 2.1 version.” MP3 audio file export is also slated for a future revision so “that users can easily access both text and audio notes.” Revisions are  being submitted to the Apple App Store later this week… to the right Viet Tran has shared a screenshot of some of the newer additions.

Here is our Apps for iPads short list of pros and cons. Please note that Viet Tran is very cognizant of what his users want and future revisions are already planned. He is very available through his blog and answers each of his users’ posts,  striving to build everything into Notes Plus for it to to” be considered a serious business app.”


  • Closeup writing and editing
  • Handwriting and typing integration
  • “Copy and Paste”
  • Voice Recording
  • Customizable Palm Guard
  • Shape Recognition (allows you to perfect shapes)
  • Ink and paper variety
  • Undo and Recover
  • Gestural Erase
  • Pinch and Zoom Capability


  • Lack of manual advance for closeup box – added in next revision releasing soon
  • Number of steps required for highlighting text – addition of “Quick Settings” in next release
  • Lack of pixel eraser – planned for upcoming revision
  • Lack of search or tags  for organization - planned for upcoming revision in near future
  • Cannot export audio files – planned MP3 export in upcoming revision

Notes Plus is as perfect a note taking app as Apps for iPads has found, and with future revisions already being considered and on the developer’s schedule, it is a great tool in any note taking situation. It’s one of the best available “as is” and is sure to serve you well even as you await its upcoming revisions.  Notes Plus get 4-1/4 out of 5 STARS!  I guarantee you that it will be at FIVE stars in the very near future!

We want YOU to have the opportunity to try it out yourself… so we are uploading our videos for you…. and you can download your own copy by clicking on the ICON below to buy  it now, OR you may try to WIN a copy! Find out how to do that below the Photo Plus ICON.

Notes Plus Is Notes Plus the PERFECT App for iPads?

Download your own copy of Notes Plus without waiting!

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Apps for iPads Contest Is Notes Plus the PERFECT App for iPads?

Would you like the opportunity to WIN a copy of Notes Plus for YOUR iPad? We have a number of Notes Plus promo codes to give away! You can qualify for up to three chances to win but only once in each category:

  1. Simply leave a comment below telling us how Notes Plus will help YOU take notes and HOW you will use it
  2. Send a Tweet @AppsforiPads telling everyone to check out our Apps for iPads Notes Plus review at
  3. Post a Facebook message to our FB page telling everyone to check out our Notes Plus review at and how you would use Notes Plus if you win a copy.

Our Apps for iPads’ Notes Plus Contest will run through Thanksgiving, thats November 25th,  we will select random winners from your entries over the holiday weekend so watch for us to contact you!  Enter all three ways for better odds at winning YOUR copy of Notes Plus! Either way, no matter how you get your copy of Notes Plus YOU are  the WINNER!

Remember to check in to watch for the Notes Plus Tutorial next week!  Don’t miss any of our posts, add us to our RSS feed NOW

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Apps for iPads – – presents a video overview of Notes Plus! This iPad app is the PERFECT hybrid! Watch to see WHY and stay tuned for our tutorial to be released SOON! Join us on the website for a full review or GRAB it NOW:

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 Is Notes Plus the PERFECT App for iPads?


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