Dragon Dictation iPad App; Truly Award Winning?

...or was it listening to someone else?

Dragon Dictation Dragon Dictation iPad App; Truly Award Winning?

Dragon Dictation has just been announced as a 2011 Mobility Award Winner by MobileTrax at CTIA in Orlando! Dragon Dictation took home the prize in the Voice Processing category recognized for Best Speech to Text & Text to Speech — proving once again that the Dragon’s prowess is simply unmatched!

So just how well DOES Dragon Dictation perform on an iPad?  To test its functionality we set up our camera AND turned on our Dragon Dictation app for iPads and let them both roll.

Stay with us “after the break” to see the results of our “test.”

Dragon Dragon Dictation iPad App; Truly Award Winning?

Okay, there you have it.  You saw me talking in a normal, conversational voice as the camera, and iPad, rolled.  I was in a pretty controlled environment, with no outside noises, which isn’t always possible when field testing an iPad app.  You can see by the image above that it clearly was not listening very intently to me.  Hey baby???  It also stopped before I did.  What I didn’t tell you in the video was that this was the third time I recorded this because I wanted to give the iPad app as fair a test as possible, and I was “afraid” that perhaps I had done something wrong. Well if I did it is not apparent to me, and in each case the results were the same; it did not convert what I said to text accurately and in each occasion it stopped before I was done dictating what I had to say.

No, I don’t have perfect speech, but do you?  No one, unless a trained narrator, is going to so it should be programmed to overcome differences in speech patterns.  I also own their PC version 10, but it does the same thing… so it isn’t being used either… I simply do not have the time to train a software that I invested in to save me time.

Would I have awarded the Dragon Dictation iPad app a 2011 Mobility Award?  Would YOU?  Let us know of your experience with this app in the Comment Box below!  We would love to hear from you!

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 Dragon Dictation iPad App; Truly Award Winning?


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