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Read Blueprints Large Viewer Lets You View Large

Got a Document as WIDE as a Hippopotamus? Your current document viewer just GRINDS? Well Large Viewer iPad app can handle Hippo sized documents! Large Viewer is an app for iPads that everyone that works with large format documents, in particular blueprints, is going to want to have in their arsenal of mobile tools!

“Now engineers, geotechs, architects, foremen, designers, landmen, artists and others have a way to carry and view their large documents without massive rolls of paper under each arm,” stated company President John McIntosh. “LargeViewer gives users the convenience of viewing almost any engineering drawing, blueprint, very large graphic, or PDF regardless of width, length, or number of pages, anytime and anywhere.”

Stick with us “after the break” to hear more and find out what all our testers have to say.

Large Viewer, developed by Corporated Smalltalk Consulting, accommodates large page formats used by engineers or architects worldwide. Ideal for examining 48-inch wide blueprints, detailed site layouts, CAD drawings, or hundred megapixel images using an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, the app provides fast scrolling vertically and horizontally with no drawing delay.

FAST e1317057672690 Large Viewer Lets You View LargeLargeViewer is designed specifically to overcome the two most common problems when using a general purpose PDF document viewer to display very large documents on an iOS device: crashes, slow-downs and endless waits for scrolling. Normally viewing a ISO AO, USA Arch E, Large E or the standard D1 format document using an iPad can be a frustrating experience. Scrolling slows to a crawl, zooming takes 15 seconds or longer. LargeViewer is designed specifically to avoid all those issues. LargeViewer reads over 50 different file formats, and features enhanced cached Dropbox file download connectivity and management.

We put this app for iPads into the hands of multiple engineers. While each of them agreed that trying to read a large-sized blueprint on an iPhone was not the ideal situation, that the app truly excelled on the iPad. They liked having the larger iPad screen without having to lug their laptops into industrial locations or restaurant meetings.

Large Viewer, just updated this week, Features:

  •  Dropbox e1317057892802 Large Viewer Lets You View LargeInnovative document viewer accommodates very wide and very large documents
  •  Reads over 50 different file formats
  •  Displays and paginates large PDF files
  •  Displays and paginates large meter sized TIFF/FAX files
  •  Converts TIFF files to PDF
  •  Supports iOS printers.
  •  Provides passive cached Dropbox file download compatibility
  •  Acts like a USB memory stick
  •  Instant scrolling and zooming through large documents
If you work in a profession that requires large charts, floorplans, sketches or blueprints then Large Viewer will give you the versatility of taking them anywhere, whether that be another office, a restaurant meeting or on public transportation, and using them with ease.
The Large Viewer iPad app  is available through the Apple App Store. Add it to your iPad today to take your office files mobile!
Large Viewer Large Viewer Lets You View Large



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 Large Viewer Lets You View Large


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