Nuance Slays the Search-Engine Dragon!

... with Dragon Go! app for iPads, iPhones & iPod Touch!

Say What you Want Nuance Slays the Search Engine Dragon!

, already well-known for their Dragon Naturally Speaking software and Dragon Dictatation app, has slayed the search-engine dragon with Dragon Go!

Not a fan of speech-engine apps since they normally don’t understand what I say I am pleasantly surprised and wowed by the Dragon Go! app. Working equally well on both iPad and iPhone Dragon Go! repeatedly delivered exactly what I asked it to do! The accuracy and search results we equally amazing.  It will cut your search time down to nothing!

Stay with us “after the break” to see exactly what was asked of it and how it delivered.

Dragon Go! performs exactly as you saw it above! We asked for it to give us Italian restaurants near the office and it gave us a list through Yelp!  Asked for directions to the Botanical Gardens in our nearby city and it flipped right over to the map app and mapped it out for us!  Asked Dragon Go for the movie theater times for the new Harry Potter movie in a nearby shopping plaza and it opened up Fandango and gave us all the information we could possibly need!  It even lets you email the info! We tested it out and it works GREAT, fast, easy and efficient!

Dragon Go Email Nuance Slays the Search Engine Dragon!

Dragon Go! is all about you, and it understands what you want by interpreting how you say it—and once you say it, Dragon Go! takes you right where you want to go, including:

  • Dragon Go Say It Nuance Slays the Search Engine Dragon!Fandango for movie show times and trailers
  • OpenTable for restaurant reservations
  • ESPN for sports news
  • for local weather updates
  • Pandora® Internet radio
  • Yelp for local reviews, recommendations and more!
How can you possible top Dragon Go!?  Make it FREE!  Yes! FREE! So GRAB the Dragon Go! iOS app NOW and start using it today!
Dragon Go Nuance Slays the Search Engine Dragon!

Imagine – one app access to everything you want on the mobile web! That’s Dragon Go! You just say what you want and Dragon Go! not only hears what you say — it also understands what you want and gives you direct access to the best sites on the Mobile Web delivering what you want.

For example:
You say….
“Cowboys & Aliens showtimes” — Dragon Go! delivers you directly to Fandango featuring movie trailers, showtimes and ticket purchasing for your local theaters. The Dragon CarouselTM also enables you to see what people are saying about the movie on Twitter and flick over to Wikipedia to learn more about the graphic novel the movie is based on.

Dragon Go! is now available for free on iTunes! Get it today!

To learn more visit

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 Nuance Slays the Search Engine Dragon!


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  1. Dragon Go! app for iPads, iPhones & iPod Touch is slaying the search engine dragons! NEVER type into one again!…

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