Access Your Desktop with Remotix iOS App

...a GREAT alternative to the LogMeIn Ignition App for iPads!

Extended Access Your Desktop with Remotix iOS App

I use LogMeIn Ignition remote viewer app for my iPad and iPhone. I was lucky enough to pick it up for $15 last fall in a back-to-school special. Right now they are charging $149.99! Yes you read that right! A penny short of $150 bucks! That’s crazy and unless your company is picking up the cost you probably are going to pass on it for now. If you can get your company to pay for it it’s still the top of the line remote access app for iPads and iPhones and you’ll read as such in our full review of the LogMeIn Ignition app for iPads we ran previously.

BUT if you are paying for a remote access control app, sometimes referred to as a VNC app (Virtual Network Computing) then you will want to take a look at Remotix, by Nulana LTD. At $19.99 it’s a small fraction of the cost of LMiI and is more powerful than the average person usually needs.

Remotix is a powerful,  fast, secure and feature packed VNC remote access tool. Installation is simple and the app walks you through setup. The developer’s website walks you through every phase of the operation so rather than repeat that all here just give them a visit and follow their instructions step by step for your operating system. Remotix will work with either PC or Mac and your iPad, iPhone or iPad Touch.

Here you will see it demonstrated using an iPhone. It works identically on your iPad and iPod Touch:

Remotix supports multi-touch gestures and gives you access to a fully extended keyboard layout, including some functions normally missing on iOS keyboards.

Auto Discovery 300x200 Access Your Desktop with Remotix iOS AppGeneral Features of Remotix:

  •  High speed and flawless performance
  •  SSH tunneling with both password and public key authentication methods
  •  Designed for both iPhone and iPad
  •  Ability to access computers running Mac OS X, Linux and Windows
  •  Works well on large resolutions
  •  On the fly configuration
  •  LAN Scanner
  •  IP address range scanning
  •  Server discovery via Bonjour

Multi 300x200 Access Your Desktop with Remotix iOS AppInput Events Available with Remotix:

  •  Extended keyboard layout
  •  International keyboard support
  •  Full set of multi-touch gestures
  •  Right-click mode
  •  Modifier keys


While LogMeIn Ignition remains my go-to remote access app if I was buying today I would choose Remotix. It is a good alternative for you and your staff if you have one accessing your computer(s) remotely. Never get stuck on the road without access to valuable information you need in your computer back on your desktop! Now with Remotix, airplay printers and your iOS devices your office is always with you. Add Remotix to your iOS device now and be prepared for every eventuality! Remember too that you can download Remotix once and use it on every one of your iOS devices so that you are always ready on the go!

Remotix Access Your Desktop with Remotix iOS App

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Remotix provides really fast and flawless remote desktop performance on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or any Android device. It provides full set of multitouch gestures, support of Apple adaptive encoding for slow connections and works with all widespread VNC servers.

Remotix is a fast, secure and feature packed VNC remote access tool.

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 Access Your Desktop with Remotix iOS App


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