Curate Stories with NEW Storify App for iPads!

Storify e1330281269329 Curate Stories with NEW Storify App for iPads!

Storify, a web-based curation (The act of curating, of organizing and maintaining a collection of artworks or artifacts) tool has been around for almost a couple years now. It was actually named as one of the top 50 websites of 2011 by Time Magazine! BUT it stepped up to a major player this week with the release of their app for iPads! Now with simple drag and drop actions you can add, subtract, move and publish a story about anything, anywhere!

So what is curation? We all know what a curator at a museum or art gallery does. They curate, or pick from all the items they have on-hand or are submitted to them to find the best items for their exhibit or show. Well translate that action to published articles, pictures, videos and comments and you have curation as it applies to the Internet. I predict that this tool, and the act of curation, which is already being used by major players such as New York Times and Al Jazeera, will make its way into daily life. Imagine collecting and curating a paper or presentation for work or school! You could present it via AirPlay complete with pictures and video!

Stay with us after the break and you’ll see exactly what a Storify article looks like. We’ll show you one on, what else? The new Storify app and give you a little more insight on what this tool and service (which are both FREE) is all about!


So now you’ve seen a story put together with Storify! Everything from the break to this sentence was Storified and inserted into this article with the help of a WordPress plugin, which is also free.  But I didn’t have to put it into a website article. I could have just as easily shared it on Facebook, Twitter or Google+! Or I could email it to anyone… which let’s you share it with just about anyone!


It really is as simple as it looks. Grab a copy of the Storify iPad app today for YOUR iPad and start putting together your OWN stories!

Storify icon Curate Stories with NEW Storify App for iPads!

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PinExt Curate Stories with NEW Storify App for iPads!
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 Curate Stories with NEW Storify App for iPads!


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