Trimit App Cuts your editing Job Down to Size!

...or how to condense a 3500 word article into a Tweet!

iPhone Trimit Trimit App Cuts your editing Job Down to Size!

trimit, an app for iPads and other iOS devices, just released in the Apple App Store by Frimby Limited, is made to cut huge editing jobs down to size!

Ever try to condense a 3500 word article into a 140 character tweet? Well now, with trimit, the first-ever app of its kind, you can do that quickly and efficiently!  In a world that seems to move faster every day, when tweets and Facebook messages go out at blinding speed, sometimes speed is king. With Trimit you can take any article, whether copied and pasted into the app, or exracted by Trimit from the URL, and with a simple shake of your device you can cut it down to the size you want, how you want. You decide if it trims vowels or uses abbreviations. Truly fun stuff but is it novelty or is it productivity?

Stick with us “after the break” to see Trimit in action so you can decide for yourself!

Trimit on an iPad Trimit App Cuts your editing Job Down to Size!We randomly  took two of our last reviews, one 3,629 and one 2,657 words long, and put trimit through its paces.  Trimit performed consistently in every category, staying within the allotted characters, and never once crashing (as some would have you believe from the App Store comments) as it shook itself to its condensed finish.

We tested it on both the iPhone and iPad, and while the iPad extracted the articles from the designated URL faster than the iPhone it was a bit harder to shake simply because of its size.  The iPhone surprised us with the vibration it gave off when trimming or extracting, and did an equally good job. Both devices returned the exact same shortened version, although I am not sure that I would have come up with that same condensed tweet.

While trimit is a good concept we cannot say without hesitation that the execution follows through. With its degree of summarizing, not being able to include a source URL is unthinkable for us. Tweets in particular, where we thought we would use the app most, need a source link to complete the tweet. We have contacted the developers asking about that very troubling issue and we will edit this review when we hear back.  For trimit to move from the novelty column into the productivity genre it will have to tweak some of these performance results. We would love to see and look forward to updates that make it a more functional application.

In most circumstances we would be using our copies of Trimit on our iPad but it performed well for us on both, and we would not hesitate to use it on either.  Although I am not sure as of yet when it will truly come in handy. Perhaps you can help us out there, when would YOU use Trimit and why?

trimit is available for a limited time introductory price of $0.99, increasing to $4.99 at the end of the sale.

Trimit Trimit App Cuts your editing Job Down to Size!







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 Trimit App Cuts your editing Job Down to Size!


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3 Responses to “Trimit App Cuts your editing Job Down to Size!”

  1. Brand new, trimit app for iPads & iPhones is made to help you condense big articles into tweet sized posts. I am…

  2. iynque says:

    First ever? The technology is free and widely available. Every Mac user has it in the built-in summary service. With the mac’s service, you can specify how many sentences and how many paragraphs you want to trim it down to, which would make it much easier to leave room for a source URL. PS—as I write this, trimit is available for free!

  3. MaggieB says:

    Hi Iynque!
    Thanks for taking the time to comment!
    Trimit is the first of its kind on an iPad.

    While Mac-users may have had this
    technology available to them on their PC’s those of of us that use Window-based
    computers have not, and this is the first app of its kind for the iPad, which is paving
    the way for future, more advanced apps such as this!

    If it’s free right now DO take advantage and try it out for yourself!
    Thanks again! We love hearing from you!

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