How-To Stay on Our Apps for iPads Facebook Radar

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Recent changes at Facebook has made it very common to find that pages that you have previously liked are simply disappearing off your news feed and Facebook wall. Facebook is running what is called an algorithm (basically a computer program that calculates what THEY think YOU should see) to determine what you get to see on your own Facebook wall. If you’ve noticed that your wall hasn’t been as full of interesting items lately it’s because Facebook, on average, is only allowing about 20% of a page’s fans to see the posts and hence the newest news, sales, coupons, giveaways, free apps and more.

They are only allowing you to see pages that you regularly interact with. Facebook considers interacting as clicking on the  ”Like,” “Comment” or “Share” buttons located below each post. If you aren’t doing that on pages, any pages, they will quickly disappear from your news feed and off your personal Facebook wall.

 We don’t want you to miss a thing, whether that be the newest apps, freebies, giveaways & more that we work to bring you.  To ensure that Apps for iPads remains on your Facebook wall here are a few simple things you can do to help that from happening:

Checkmark e1338845127127 How To Stay on Our Apps for iPads Facebook RadarVisit our Facebook page, hover over the Like button and make sure the Show in News Feedbox is checked. Sometimes Facebook shows this and sometimes they don’t, I haven’t figured out why and when, but if it’s there check mark it!

black gear icon e1338845256367 How To Stay on Our Apps for iPads Facebook RadarVisit our Facebook page and select Settings (it’s a little gear icon, next to Messages) and then select Add to Interest Lists from the dropdown menu. Choose New List and name the list accordingly, something like “App Review Sites” perhaps.  This will add our Facebook page to your Interests in the left-hand sidebar on your Facebook home screen and (hopefully but we can’t guarantee it) keep us in your news feed. At least it puts our page at your fingertips for checking in now and then. You can also add other app review Facebook pages in the same list because this affects ALL Facebook pages so you’re quickly losing contact with others you like too.

Like e1338845448742 How To Stay on Our Apps for iPads Facebook RadarLast but surely not least, and the simplest solution is to just be sure to interact with our posts regularly. Just a like, comment or share is all it takes. It will show Facebook that you are an active participant of our page and with any luck, keep us in your news feed!

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If all else fails and Facebook really won’t let you see us on your wall we invite you to follow us on Twitter  to learn when we post new content on our website or Facebook page.  If anyone has any other suggestions we welcome them with open arms and invite you to leave them in our comment box below!

Thanks to all our readers that have contacted us because you realized that we had fallen off your radar! We really enjoy interacting with all of you and hope that these suggestions keeps it from happening again! We look forward to seeing more of you!


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p.s. Thanks for sharing this post with all your Facebook friends!

PinExt How To Stay on Our Apps for iPads Facebook Radar
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 How To Stay on Our Apps for iPads Facebook Radar


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