Pinterest Releases “NEW” Optimized iPad App

Pinterest iPad App e1345056006590 Pinterest Releases NEW Optimized iPad App


Pinterest is one of the new guys in town, but already they are making history. Originally only available through an invitation it is now, as of August 8th, open to anyone. Come one, come ALL! So up until now I have to admit to just entering and using Pinterest in the mobile Safari browser on my iPad because I didn’t like the mobile Pinterest app. But now they’ve released a new version that is optimized for your iPad that is GREAT! Wait until you see!


Now, with the new upgraded app, which is totally FREE by the way, you have a highly intuitive interface that makes it EASY to use on  your iPad. While you cannot edit boards you can do just about anything else. It even has a built in web browser for surfing for more pins, with, of course its own Pin Button.

The Pinterest App Features:

  •  Even Maddie e1345056118272 Pinterest Releases NEW Optimized iPad AppPin your inspirations to online pinboards so you can find them later
  •  Check out categories to find inspiration for your life in areas like Design, Travel, or Food and Drink
  •  Follow boards that interest you to discover even more
  •  Create new pins with your camera


Okay, before YOU go CRAZY like I just did… no, for some reason they have the easy option to pin using your iPhone camera BUT they don’t give us that icon in the iPad app. I pulled out my iPhone to show you that it works, and snapped that picture of my office assistant, Maddie, you’ll see over there on the left.  I also could not locate a way to just add a pin either. Hopefully they will rectify that soon! We can take pictures on our iPad 2 and new iPad so we should be able to do that… but I hunted everywhere for the option to do that AND to manually add a pin and cannot find either… bummer, just when I thought that the new app was perfect. Well maybe not perfect (yet) but way better than what they had before!


They couldn’t have made it more easy! So what are you waiting for? Download your own FREE Pinterest iPad app now!

d41b42366f82ac2cf0ac05a77c66c92c Pinterest Releases NEW Optimized iPad App

p.s. Please share YOUR Pinterest account name with us! You are welcome to do so in the comments below!


Version: 5.0.2
Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas. Use Pinterest to make meals, plan travel, do home improvement projects and more.

With Pinterest you can:

• Plan a project: Home remodels, garden redesigns and other DIYs

• Get creative ideas: Recipes to cook, articles to read, gifts to buy and ways to save money

• Explore a hobby:

iPhone Screenshots:

  •  Pinterest Releases NEW Optimized iPad App
  •  Pinterest Releases NEW Optimized iPad App
  •  Pinterest Releases NEW Optimized iPad App
  •  Pinterest Releases NEW Optimized iPad App
  •  Pinterest Releases NEW Optimized iPad App

iPad Screenshots:

  •  Pinterest Releases NEW Optimized iPad App
  •  Pinterest Releases NEW Optimized iPad App
  •  Pinterest Releases NEW Optimized iPad App
  •  Pinterest Releases NEW Optimized iPad App
  •  Pinterest Releases NEW Optimized iPad App
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PinExt Pinterest Releases NEW Optimized iPad App
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 Pinterest Releases NEW Optimized iPad App


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10 Responses to “Pinterest Releases “NEW” Optimized iPad App”

  1. Angie says:

    Hey there Marge, thanks for sharing some of the tips with the new updated app for Pinterest. I’ll be updating my iPad here in a bit.

    I’m on Pinterest: and our travel account is


  2. Hey Angie!
    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!
    Glad to see you! If I can be of any help with apps or your iPad
    don’t hesitate to ask!

  3. Kaye Swain says:

    Very interesting. While my senior mom is trying out an iPad 2 with some accessories, I am still just using my iPhone. But I did check, and I do have this version. So I’ll have to try out the camera part anyway. Thanks again. And you can find my Pinterest for the Sandwich Generation account at – See you at ClickNewz :) and have a great week!

  4. Talia says:

    Hi Marge
    Thanks for the tips on the updated app for Pinterest. I’m new to Pinterest so I will have to check it out.

    My Pinterest account for anyone who likes Golden Retriever Dogs and Puppies is

  5. Caroline J says:

    Hi there Marge – I bet the images on Pinterest look absolutely fab on an ipad. Sadly, I don’t own one as yet – delayed gratification at it’s best ;)
    Do you need to own a Mac as well, for the 2 systems to integrate, or will a PC do?
    Anyway, thanks for the post and here is our Pinterst pages: Our Graphic Design Tutorials is here – and my personal page is here:

    Thank You – Caroline

  6. Hi Caroline,

    No, you don’t need to own a Mac for the two to work.
    I own iPads and PC’s and they integrate well.
    I love using Pinterest on my iPad, I can lay in bed and do it!
    The only thing I don’t like is that you cannot fix a pin on the app
    if you make a mistake and say post it to the wrong board… but other
    than that I really am liking it!


  7. Hi Talia!

    I am sure you will like Pinterest and LOVE their new app!
    I OWN a Golden Retriever so I’ll be SURE to check out your boards!
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hi Kay!

    I bet your mom will LOVE the new Pinterest app!
    You’ll have to let us know how you like the camera feature
    on your iPhone, we rather liked it!

    Thanks for sharing your boards!

  9. Hey Marge — very cool stuff! My Blackberry died on me last weekend so I had to adopt my daughter’s old iPhone3GS. I always thought I was a forever Blackberry girl, but I have to say that the iPhone is growing on me. I’m seriously considering a new one for my upgrade! I’m going to install this app in the morning and give it a go :)

    I can be found on Pinterest at

  10. Thanks Kelli!
    Glad you dropped by and hope to see lots more of you!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

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